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Friday, February 8, 2013

Rakosmente Open Rd1 1013-02

The renovated club hosted 49 players to start the tournament off. I won quickly as the number 9 seed, and headed back home quickly to nurse my cold.

The club now has two playing rooms and an analysis room with the prospective library.

Balla, Attila promised to bring his camera tommorrow, so there will be pictures coming soon.

Rd1 Results
The top players did what they were supposed to do.

Mihok, Laszlo0Kaloczi, Kristof01-0
Szabo, Mihaly0Kovacs, Marton00-1
Matuska, Miklos0Kovacsy, Barnabas01-0
Czumbel, Peter0Suranyi, Pal00-1
Orosz, Andras0Makrai, Bence01-0
Eros, Janos0Bohati, Tamas00-1
Uzonyi, David0Novak, Levente Peter01-0
Forgacs, Andras0Andriska, Zsolt00-1
Yip, Michael0Toth, Viktor01-0
Ongut, Tamas Gunes0Bartuszek, Andras00-1
Rajcsanyi, Peter0Kidd, Balint01-0
Revesz, Hunor0Lakat, Gyula00-1
Palczert, Miklos Dr.0Lakatos, Tamas00.5
Chen, Xiao Hu0Fodor, Balazs00.5
Papp, Laszlo0Viola, Gellert01-0
Palczert, Botond0Safar, Istvan00-1
Gazsovics, Bela0Karacsonyi, Kata01-0
Bangha, Otto Peter0Muranyi, Geza00-1
Ongut, Selcuk0Petak, Kalman00-1
Viola, Arpad dr0Karacsonyi, Gellert00-1

Here is my game.

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