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Monday, June 10, 2013

RAC Team Season Ending Meeting June-7-2013

(Camera and gallery labels from Attila Balla; Pictures by Michael Yip and team)

Our last team meeting consisted of a blitz tournament and awards ceremony with refreshments. Our top team finished 6th in Division I while our second team earned a promotion from Division III to Division II. 

In the Monday evening league play, RAC was equal first after tying the final match 3-3.

I managed to take third in the blitz with a bit of luck. My haul for the season was two medals and a gift certificate for 3,000HUF for being the top scorer on the team with 8/11.

As usual, the season had ups and downs but the year turned out well as I continue to enjoy the world on Hungarian chess.

FM Mihok,L(left) Nadasi,B(Center) and Michael Yip(right)

Team Captain Balla, Atilla
Hard at work directing the blitz tournament

Michael Yip(CAN)
Guarding the refreshments-Oops,
I seem to have gained a bit of weight

Getting ready for action in the blitz tournament

Friendly chatting

Stenner, Jeno getting his first place prize for the blitz

Michael Yip again with one of two medals presented

Szepes, Tamas-one our big guns- getting his 
medal for 2nd in the blitz

FM Mihok(l) and FM Radnai,Adam(r)

Schreuder-Peters, Misja(NED) getting his team medal

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