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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RIP Paul Arvaj(2011)

  • 'Paul Arvaj passed away sometime in 2011 (age 73? - according to his background info in his book) but no one I spoke to knows the month, and also apparently there was no obituary published. I played Paul many games over the span of some 30 years and the first one was also the first game in one of his books "About Chess". In his last game against me - a celebrity active event at the Germania Club in Hamilton organized by IM Brian Hartman, Paul shocked me by beating me in crushing style - 2003? - maybe. Paul Arvajs last known residence was a nursing home at the corner of Main and Victoria in downtown Hamilton and for many years he enjoyed kibitzing, casual chess, speed chess, and recounting chess memories at the Hamilton Public Library.'-Hans Jung
From message board. Chesstalk

Hans Rudolf Jung (2139) - Paul Arvaj [A12]
Hamilton Open Hamilton YMCA (2), 01.05.1976
Black had chances in this game.
Black to play

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