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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Houdini3.0 vs Houdini2.0

I gave Houdini3.0 a try just to see what the fuss was about.


  • is much better at memory management. I can run it with 2GB RAM and CB only freezes up momentarily when I enter a new variation. I had to run Houdini2.0 with 1GB RAM to limit the freezing up of CB.
  • is stronger in the one position I tested from the Xmas Open.

Karacsonyi,G (1514) - Yip,M (2075)

Philidor Wall[B07]
Xmas Open (4), 29.12.2012

Black to Play


Here I resigned(after 32.Nd5+) seeing that white will win a piece. 

Houdini2.0 had to go deeply into the line before seeing that black was slightly better. Houdini3.0 sees this right away and both programs made me feel silly for resigning.

Not scientific evidence but I am quite happy with Houdini3.0.


  1. It's GB not MB, other than that, humanly that wasn't easy at all, to see 32... Kd6 is playable. Normally people play 32... Ke6 in this position, and lose after 33. Nxf4+

  2. Thanks-sorry in delay to see your comment. Blogging still a bit new to me. Hard to keep up.