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Monday, January 21, 2013

Montreal Class Ch 2013 Final Standings

A great event took place in Montreal. GM Sambuev took top honors in the Open section.

Two young players battle it out

Standings Open Montreal Class Ch 2013 Standings
GM took clear first with 4.5/5. IM Hambleton was clear 2nd with 4/5 and continues to perform strongly.

1Bator Sambuev25764,5750,00
2Aman Hambleton23704,0400,00
3Michael Kleinman22883,5125,00
4Raven Sturt22833,5125,00
5Keith Mackinnon23163,0
6Marius Nicula22073,0
7Félix Dumont21213,0
8C.-Ratte Olivier-Kenta22262,5
9Louis Robichaud20322,562,50
10Misael Cardona20312,562,50
11Thierry Libersan21282,0
12Valentin Prahov21212,0
13Lizandro Fernando L. Linares20662,0
14Yuan Chen Zhang20312,0
15Paul Weston20102,0
16Bertrand Auger19782,0
17Valentin Gueorguiev19381,5
18Jean Hébert24170,0
19Alain Dumouchel20200,0

B Section(20 Players)
Erick Gilbert took clear first with 4.4/5.

1Erick Gilbert17374,5400,00
2Jonathan Turcotte19354,0225,00
3Jean-Marc Bouchard18573,5130,00
4Carl Martin19553,0
5Maximo Alcantara18823,0
6Mike Sun18013,0
7José Heredia17663,042,50
8Theo Mathews15873,042,50

C Section(22 Players)
Ananda Saha won clear first with 4.5/5.

1Ananda Saha16554,5300,00
2Ihor Ptitsyn14844,0125,00
3Maili-Jade Ouellet14234,0125,00
4Marc-Éric Plante16763,5
5Jean-Pierre Cloutier15593,5
6Marc-André Joanis16543,0
7Chahin Fiouzi15663,0
8Sang Kil Kay15113,0
9Jean-Guy Bergeron15093,0
10Hou Han Zhang14273,075,00

D Section(28 Players)
Simon Jacques and Sasha Koulenovitch shared first with 4.5/5.

1Simon Jacques13704,5187,50
2Sasha Koulenovitch13654,5187,50
3Vincent Vlasblom12534,067,50
4Carl Montreuil11904,067,50
5Valentino Perna11803,5

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