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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art Pub Cup 2013-01 Final Standings

Final Standings
Juhasz, Bela took clear first in a strong field with 6/7. My RAC teammate FM Mihok, Laszlo was clear second with 5.5/7.

1Juhasz, Bela6217823961.64
2Mihok, Laszlo5.5213522861.26
3Pap, Peter4.5210521010.14
Zauer, Gabor4.5203721531.2
5Markos, Adam4205420640.2
Horvath, Kalman4202820210.07
Piroska, Istvan420862062-0.18
Bohus, Adam4185920661.91
9Schubert, Gyula3.520491961-0.76
Gubics, Peter3.521272011-0.97
Lovas, Miklos3.5194219700.27
Schatzer, Andras3.5173419681.95
13Mezei, Csaba321171985-1.27
Berkes, Bence3172619741.89
Botos, Jozsef319441913-0.3
Kiss, Peter320361895-1.23
Rozsa, Sandor319591948-0.11
18Szoukup, Istvan2170918010.56
19Leidl, Istvan Sr.1.519461707-2.05
20Bodrogi, Laszlo120591544-4.22

Here is a nice attacking game by the winner.

Juhasz,Bela (2178) - Mezei,Csaba (2117)
Catalan Closed[E09]
I. Art Pub Kupa (7.2), 06.01.2013

Position 1
Black's pieces are congested on the kingside. How should white continue?

White to Play


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