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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hart House Open Toronto 2013 Final Standings

The U of T Hart House Open was a big success. See HHchess UToronto.
Great photos from HH albums. Games coming later.

Great photos by Egidijus Zeromskis from HH albums

Nice Chess Lady, Liza
Great photos by Egidijus Zeromskis from HH albums

Event Report by Alex Ferreira from chesstalk
'The event took off with a lecture by Grandmaster Bator Sambuev. Over 30 people came in for that and had the pleasure to learn themes in "Tal - Art of Attack"

185 players competed, which is a record for us at Hart House. This includes the recently past Labour Day, and according to Bryan Lamb, we would have to go back about 10-12 years for a higher turn-out. Still not quite as big as Brian Fiedler's PwC Toronto Open (203 players?) or the Canadian Opens, but not too bad!

Definitely not without its challenges, we need to evolve and adjust if we are to be able to maintain such big crowds and aim to get even more people. Most of the feedback was quite positive, and we welcome constructive criticism. Many people filled out a survey and we've had a couple of e-mails with ideas as well.

Note that at Hart House tournaments, we give free entry to those who are playing in their first ever CFC tournament. It can be a turn-off paying an entry fee as well as membership dues to those starting out. 15 people took advantage of this, welcome to the tournament scene!

Bryan Lamb, great as always, Geordie Derraugh, superb in all fronts while also playing (!), and myself, take much of the credit by being in the spotlight at the tournaments. However there are a million little things that we needed help with, and I'd like to give a big thanks to Leon Perelman,Chris WehrfritzBen HahnLali AgbabishviliAndrew McMillan, Kit NgAdie ToddJack Ding Tyler LongoDay Milman & Aquino Inigo

They made the difference in making sure things ran as smoothly as they could. Without them the tournament would have been completely chaotic, disorganized, and unpleasant experience I am sure. 

We also always welcome help from High School students who are looking to do some volunteering, like Aquino. Students need to complete 40 (or 50?) hours of volunteer work as part of the curriculum to graduate, and we gladly provide a letter for some help.(more)' 

Section Open
Artiom Samsonkin took clear first with 4.5/5.

Jura Ochkoos
Great photos by Egidijus Zeromskis from HH albums

#NameCFC RatngTotalPrize
1Artiom Samsonkin25474.51500
2Bator Sambuev26844750
3Nikita Gusev23094750
4Nikolay Noritsyn25983.5
5Tomas Krnan25763.5
6Bindi Cheng24853.5
7Michael Song23223.5
8David Cummings24433
9Roman Sapozhnikov24403
10Arthur Calugar24293
11Victor Plotkin23503
12Razvan Preotu23003
13Michael Dougherty22713150
14Michael Humphreys22693150

Under 2200
James Fu was clear first with 4.5/5.

#NameCFC RatngTotalPrize
1James Fu21274.5500
2Aquino Inigo21934120
3Wajdy Shebetah21444120
4Leon Perelman21124120
5Derick Joshua Twesigye20954120
6Jonathan Yu20464120
7Yelizaveta Orlova20713.5
8Mark Plotkin21613
9Alexandru Florea21333
10Stephan Tonakanian21073
11Zehn Nasir20593
12Agastya Kalra20473
13Sergey Noritsyn19243

Under 1900
Troy Hansen and Robert Li shared first with 4.5/5.

#NameCFC RatngTotalPrize
1Troy Hansen16124.5430
2Robert Li15264.5430
3Pi Nasir1852485
4Randy Moysoski1829485
5Jiaxin Liu1736485
6Steve Nickoloff1712485
7Shankar Balakrishnan18393.5
8John W Chidley-hill18393.5
9Mickey Stein18903
10Aris Marghetis18723
11Sasha Chuchin18333
12Jack Ding18223
13Brian Clarke17533
14Alex Kitaygorodsky16763
15Lakes Liang16703
16Sankar Govindarajan16143
17Daniel Sirkovich16123
18Richard Wing15993
19Justin Quinn D'Souza15643
20Harmony Zhu15383
21Thomas Guo15013
22Benjamin Lin14693
23Emmanuel Cousinunr.3

Under 1600
Yanchun Zhao, Patrick L Huang and Amir Mohammad Shafiee shared first with 4.5/5.

#NameCFC RatngTotalPrize
1Yanchun Zhao15194.5400
2Patrick L Huang13824.5400
3Amir Mohammad Shafieeunr.4.5
4John Young1548450
5Daniel Molev1514450
6Michael Rogers1499450
7Richard Guo1487450
8Alexandre Michelashvili15653.5
9Ken Kurkowski15553.5
10George Supol15143.5
11Kyle France14783.5
12Michael Ashcroft14493.5
13Leonid Aghamalian14353.5
14Graeme Knight13103.5166.67
15Daniel Muntaner12653.5166.67
16Vlad Nitu11353.5166.67
17Harry Zhao15963
18John R Brown15863
19Gary Hua14923
20Constance Wang14143
21Daniel Liu13503
22Nika Akophyan12713
23Milan Cvetkovic12223
24Nameer Issani10483

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