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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amator Cup Rd1 2012-11

The Amator Cup got underway today at the Hungarian Federation Site Playing Hall. There were some quick draws(I mean really quick) and some tough fights. My game was the last to finish but could have been the first as my opponent was a bit generous but refusing to kill me off.

The top group is
  1. Katona,J 1922(HUN)
  2. Bodrogi,M 2076(HUN)
  3. Zilahi,G 1999(HUN)
  4. Nagy,L 1958(HUN)
  5. Yip.M 2085(CAN)
  6. Bodgrogi,L 2038(HUN)
  7. Szili,A 1935(HUN)
  8. Szlabey,G 2000(HUN)
  9. Czibulka,Z 2053(HUN)
  10. Molnar,L 1993(HUN)
Here's my game. I should warn everyone-I played like crap!!
Yip,M (2085) - Bodrogi,L (2035)
Nimzo-Indian 4..b6 5.Nge2[E45]
Amator Cup (1), 15.11.2012
I worked on a new Anti-Nimzo line last month but there is always a risk when a new additiion gets the first field test(s). Late in the opening I had to find a good move but came up with a lemon that should have lost. Luckily my opponent continually missed killing lines and let me wriggle away with a draw.
Critical Position 1
Black has just played 14..Qb4 probing the queenside starting with the hanging b-pawn. White has to be clever now and do better than me. After some thought I chose about the worst move possible. Hopefully you can do better. The key theme is what happens if ..Qxb3 is allowed, can white trap the queen?
White to Play
Critical Position 2
My position at one point was assessed by Houdini2.0 at -20.92 but I managed to get this after some luck and mutual time trouble. Now white has to find a defensive idea to hold the position.
White to Play

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