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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Botez(CAN) in UNAM Rapid MEX 2012

The Gara,T(HUN)-Botez,A(CAN) rapid mini-match was tied 2-2. Here is another game from the rapid preliminary.

WGM Gara,Ticia

Gara,T (2377) - Botez,Alexandra (2015)
French Tarrasch[C06]
UNAM w Prelim C Mexico City MEX (2.4), 17.11.2012
Black played an early ...c4 but lost control of the dark squares on the kingside. White won a pawn and had an almost crushing position but let the advantage slip away.

Critical Position
White has an extra pawn and an obvious advantage but the b2 pawn is under attack. How should white react?

White to Play

Critical Position
White is still up a pawn but black has some counterplay on the b-file. How should black continue?

Black to Play

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