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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amator Cup Rd2 2012-11

This was my rescheduled Rd2 game which I won. Now I have 2.5/3. The game was played at 11am but came after yesterday's 70-move marathon so I was not feeling so energetic.
Szili,A (1935) - Yip,M (2085)
Philidor Defence Ending[C41]
Amator Cup (2), 18.11.2012
The queenless game came early for black but now deep into the maneuvering phase black needs to make progress to exploit the better structure. What do you suggest?
  1. Take the a-file
  2. Advance on the kingside with ...f6 and g5 say to aim for ...g4 later
  3. Activate the king with ...Kf6 with the ...Ke5 plan
  4. Something else? Is there a hidden tactic perhaps?

Black to Play

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