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Sunday, November 18, 2012

WYCC 2012 Canada Final Goodbye

The Big Goodbye!!

Team Pic

The FB page is excellent and deserves a visit. Opinions vary on the WYCC.

'The vital statistics of the Canadian ''team''s performance were also cut in half. Last year Canada's youth managed to achieve 4 (four) top-ten results. This year only 2 (two) top-ten results were registered..(more)'.-GMkevinspraggett Blog

Benefits will be non-chess and definitely non-financial as the players enriched the lives and had good experiences. The highlights will be the publicity generated by the Ashley Tapp fundraising campaign, more players coming into chess to be the next Richard Wang and Harmony Zhu and so on...

And a final thanks to the behind the scenes work of the delegation, coaches and photographers.

(More games to come later on the blog when they become available)

Quick note
I just found this nice article on the US Team.
....every coach is assigned 7 students....'(more) Uschess Article 

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