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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Stats and Things Nov 28-2012

I get ideas for posts from Chesstalk, the main Canadian message/discussion board. Chess games are from TWIC(Mark Crowther's massive effort). I try to be as quick as humanly possible when an idea suggests itself. The only time delay is when I wait for the weekly TWIC games.

Posts usually have annotated games, pictures and if I'm really lucky there is a related Youtube video. Usually there is at least one daily post, even if I happen to be playing in a tournament. Usually, on non-tournament days I can manage 2-3 blog entries.

Pageviews yesterday           201
Pageviews last month       4,737
Pageviews all time history 6,141

On average there are 125-150 pageviews per day. Anything close to 200 has me very happy. The most I remember for a single day was 283, which happened during the recent WYCC during the closing rounds.

Pageviews/day almost doubled when GM Spraggett did a nice write up for BCN in his blog Spraggett On Chess, so thanks Kevin!

Top Posts(for the month)
Entry                                                                                                     Pageviews
Botez,Alexandra WYCC 2012 Profile Nov 10, 2012                                111
Canada's WYCC 2012 Team and Ms Ashley Tapp Nov 6, 2012                75
WYCC 2012 Player Standings HUN after Rd4 Nov 12, 2012                       31
IM Panjwani(CAN 2402) at 4NCL Nov 4, 2012                                          31
BTCh Division I: RAC I 4- BEAC III 8-Rd3 2012-11-1 Nov 11, 2012         28
Hambleton(CAN) gets IM title at UNAM Open Mexico Nov 25, 2012         28
Lila Futo Open Nov 1-3 2012 Entry List Nov 1, 2012                                   25
Amator Cup 2012-11 Rd7 Nov 22, 2012                                                      24
Budapest TCh Rd4 Nov 25, 2012                                                                 24
First Saturday 2012-11 Nov 15, 2012                                                           24

One noticeable conclusion is that the popularity of the individual post is not at all related to the strength of the player or the result of the game. Alexandra Botez destroys the other posts and Ashley Tapp is a distant second.

Top Posts (for the week)
Entry                                                                                                      Pageviews
Botez,Alexandra(CAN 2015) WYCC 2012 Profile Nov 10, 2012                56
Hambleton(CAN) gets IM title at UNAM Open Mexico Nov 25, 2012           28
Amator Cup 2012-11 Rd7 Nov 22, 2012                                                       24
Budapest TCh Rd4 Nov 25, 2012                                                                  24
Amator Cup Rd5(More) Nov 22, 2012                                                          22
UNAM Rapid Orlova(CAN) 2012-11 Nov 26, 2012                                     20
Hamilton City Chess Club News Article Nov 23, 2012                                   17
2nd UNAM Open 2012 MEX Nov 24, 2012                                                 17
Tomalty,A(CAN) on Nunn Study Nov 23, 2012                                            17
World Seniors Ch 2012 Nov 25, 2012, 1 comment                                        16

Audience Breakdown(for the month)
Entry                   Pageviews
Canada                 1418
Hungary                1234
United States          942
Germany                 126
Slovenia                  114
United Kingdom        61
Portugal                     58
Mexico                      56
Poland                       56
Ireland                       54

Readership is mostly North American. Hungary is a large secondary audience. Now there is a small but growing audience from across Europe.

Audience Breakdown(for the week)
Entry                    Pageviews
Hungary                      307
Canada                       289
United States                232
Mexico                        45
Germany                       36        
Austria                         22
Poland                         13
Portugal                        13
United Kingdom          12
Serbia                         12

Blog Tools The startup period caused me some pain as I learned what tools there were and how to do even the most basic tasks. There are still many new blog tools and ideas waiting to be discovered if I only knew where to look. For now, I am happy with the basic things covered on the blog.  

PGN viewer-Chessflash Simple and reliable
Diagram webeditor This tool doesn't seem to have a name but it's easy to use. I was using another one before but it has since vanished from the host site.

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