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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Amator Cup Rd3 2012-11-17

My game was the last to finish again so I have only a minimal idea of what happened in the tournament. I'll do up a more detailed post soon. Tomorrow I have my  rescheduled Rd2 game for while everyone else has an off day.

I won my first game, but managed to miss many things.

Yip,M (2085) - Szlabey,G (1935) [A84]
Amator Cup (3), 17.11.2012

Critical Position 1
The opening has gone will and white has a massive attack. Black has just played 15..Ng8. What do you suggest?

White to Play

Critical Position 2
Black has just played 16..Nxh6. The attack still rages, I was having trouble finding a way to end the game.

White to Play

Critical Position 3
I made a great muck of things and now have to win a N-N ending. Luckily things are under control. What should I do next?

White to Play

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