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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trends 3.e4 c5 QGA 2012

Here is a 2011 game in the QGA 3.e4 which is Schandorff's aggressive repertoire in Playing 1.d4 The Queen's Gambit(Quality Chess 2012).

GM Akobian,V wins but why is a mystery as white is only slightly better in the final position. Black defends with 3...c5 which is not so popular now.

Video of Akobian,V

See his nice website Akobian for bio, pics, career information and more
'...In 2011, GM Akobian won the Las Vegas Chess Festival defeating GM Kacheishvili in the final round with the black pieces. He also accepted the invitation to coach the US Team at the World Team Chess Championship held in China. 

At the Southern California Open tournament held during the Labor Day holiday, GM Akobian took clear first place with 5.5 points of 6. At the 2011 American Open, GM Akobian was again champion garnering a clear 1st place with 7 points out of 8 . He ended the year with a 2nd place finish at the North American Open in Las Vegas, increasing his USCF rating to an all-time personal high of 2721.(more)'

Akobian,V (2613)-Altounian,L (2431)
3.e4 c5[D20]
1st Metropolitan International Los Angeles USA (3), 18.08.2011

Position 1
Early in the game nothing special seems to be happening. What do you suggest for white?
  • 8.Nf3(normal development)
  • 8.Nge2(develop with out worrying about ...Bg4 pins)
  • 8.Bg5(aggressive development to induce ...Nbd7)
  • Something else
White to Play


Position 2
Black has a pawn for the exchange and is playing energetically. After 18...Nd4, white has to deal with the threat to Nf3. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


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