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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trends 3.e4 e5 QGA 2012

Here is a recent game in the QGA 3.e4 which is Schandorff's aggressive repertoire in Playing 1.d4 The Queen's Gambit(Quality Chess 2012).

GM Khismatullin,D wins with a nice attack.

Bio and Photo Echesspedia


'Russian Grandmaster (2004) who won the silver medal at the World U16 in 2000 and was World University Champion in 2004 (shared).

Other victories: 
  • Privolzhsky 2005, 
  • Vladimir Open 2005, 
  • Voronezh Open 2006 and 2010, 
  • Izmailov’s Memorial 2008 (RUS), 
  • Gubernators Cup Ugra 2009 and 
  • Memorial Izmailov Petr Memorial (RUS) 2011, 
  • 1-4th;Botvinnik Memorial 2011 (RUS). 

Also Nezhmetdinov Memorial 2006, 2nd; 53rd Russian Championship 1st league 2006, 2-8th; Russian Championship final 2006, 5-7th. Denis was awarded an individual gold medal for the best result at board six at the 2011 European Club Cup.'

Khismatullin,D (2656)-Mastrovasilis,A (2510)
3.QGA 3.e4 e5[D20]
13th EICC Plovdiv BUL (9.25), 29.03.2012

Position 1
White is aggressively placed on the kingside. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


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