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Friday, September 6, 2013

TCh-ROU 2013 Rd3-GM Berkes(HUN)

TWIC 982
GM Berkes came out on top in a complex King's Indian after white avoided the main lines with 8.Be3.

More on Mamaia, Romania

Petrisor,A (2401) - Berkes,F (2678)
King’s Indian[E67]
TCh-ROU 2013 
Mamaia ROU (3.2), 02.09.2013

Position 1
White has four pawns for a piece but is under pressure. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Thursday, September 5, 2013

TCh-ROU 2013 Rd2-GM(HUN)

TWIC 982
Here is GM Erdos's attacking victory in rd2.

More on Mamaia Romania

Erdos,V (2650) - Pop,A (2284)
Slav 4.e3[D12]
TCh-ROU 2013
Mamaia ROU (2.1), 01.09.2013

Positon 1
The attack is well under way. What do you recommend for white?

White to Play


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TWIC 982{HUN) INDEX-Sept 3 2013

TWIC is the work of Mark Crowther.

13th Zug Young Masters  2013-GM Prohaszka leads with 6/7.
TCh-ROM 2013-Banusz,T 3/3

13th Zug Young Masters  2013
GM Prohaszka leads with 6/7.

GM Prohaszka
More about Zug
Zug is a German-speaking city in Switzerland. The name 'Zug' originates from fishing vocabulary; in the Middle Ages it referred to the right to 'pull up' fishing nets and hence to the right to fish. 

The city of Zug is located in the Canton of Zug and is its capital. The lake Zug and old part of the city are the main touristic spots.

Ranking 7 round
  1. GM Prohaszka,Peter 6.0
  2. GM Fedorchuk,Sergey 5.0
  3. GM Sumets,Andrey 4.5
  4. FM Georgiadis,Nico 4.0
  5. FM Rindlisbacher,Lars 4.0
  6. FM Studer,Noel 3.5
  7. GM Svetushkin,Dmitry 3.0
  8. FM Grandadam,Nicolas 2.0
  9. IM Kurmann,Oliver 2.0
  10. FM Schiendorfer,Emanuel 1.0
TCh-ROM 2013
GM had a perfect 3/3 in team play.

GM Banusz,T 3/3
GM Berkes F 2.5/3
GM Erdos V 2/3

Here is Prohaszka's rd7 attacking victory.

Prohaszka,P (2567) - Kurmann,O (2421)
Queen’s Gambit Exchange[D35]
13th Zug Young Masters
Zug SUI (7.3), 02.09.2013

Position 1
White is on the attack but what is the best way to continue?

White to Play

Monday, September 2, 2013

Rákosmenti Kupa(Blitz) 2013-08-31

RAC Website-More Team News: More pics-RAC Gallery
Complete Standings
Somehow I managed to win this 9-rd blitz tournament with 7.5/9. The event was organized by my club Rakosligeti and held at out club venue. I managed to make some new chess friends and practice my very basic Hungarian language skills.

The entry fee was a microscopic 300HUF(1.39CAN/1.31USD/1EUR) but no cash prizes. About 25 players showed up for a Saturday of fun.

For this I received a trophy and medal and a 1500HUF credit at the Erdelyi book stand where I bought a small book on tactics and donated it to the club library.

Some Pics-Taken by Strenner Jenő

Big thinking going on

Getting ready to play

Big action happening

Attila Balla hard at work

Attila Balla giving out a medal to a junior winner

Attila Balla giving out a medal to a junior winner

Attila Balla giving out a medal to a junior winner

Attila Balla giving out a medal to a junior winner

I'm on the left fighting for a draw after blundering a pawn

Big thinking

Enthusiastic group

The older generation

Getting my certificate

Choosing a book prize

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lila Futo Aug 2013 Final Standings

Final Standings
Molnar,L and Halak,M shared first with 5/6. Karacsonyi, Gellert had(another) strong performance scoring 3.5/6. The Breznyan sisters Annamaria and Dorina each scored 2/6.

Breznyan, Annamaria(left) at the Budapest Open 2013

1Molnar, Laszlo5203621280.75
Halak, Miklos5213221720.44
3Fodre, Sandor4.5215321450.1
Gubics, Peter4.5211321060.18
Czibulka, Zoltan Dr.4.5208120950.26
Doroszlai, Erik4.518721806-0.25
7Legradi, David420041981-0.03
Bartuszek, Andras4184418480.12
Karpati, Gabor418361751-0.35
Nogrady, Vilmos Jr.4179618320.37
Truong, Duc Huong4169818040.72
Pirityi, Andras4174118820.73
13Karpati, Bank3.5182819070.71
Bakacs, Janos3.5178618390.4
Fabian, Laszlo3.5165618781.69
Karacsonyi, Gellert3.5170620002.17
Szoukup, Istvan3.5173417840.41
Szlenka, Attila3.518151732-0.42
Polyanszky-Tamasi, Zoltan3.518001759-0.28
Jakab, Robert3.518801651-1.39
21Virag, Balint3017161716
Toth, Tibor317281501-0.87
Orosz, Tamas3016191619
Hetenyi, Geza321531753-2.52
Videki, Imre315901497-0.67
Karpati, Kende Vajk318531612-1.63
Eros, Janos314251087-0.25
Hegedus, Gabriel3015371537
Oszvald, peter3015161516
30Solti, Gergely2.5185619160.4
Palczert, Botond2.5129516211.95
Nguyen, Thanh Do2.518651697-1.32
Kovacs, Gabor Etele2.5157117800.87
Szentgyorgyi, Sandor2.518561668-1.15
Szurkos, Andras2.517861632-0.99
Kovacs, Judit2.516701637-0.25
Czimer, Jozsef2.517041571-0.42
38Breznyan, Annamaria2130214800.6
Arato, Zoltan2015761576
Czumbel, Peter215831562-0.04
Breznyan, Dorina2126113610.37
Kurucz, Blanka214391378-0.48
Miskolczi, Nemere2015071507
Rahimkulov, Margarita2012421242
45Gorog, Almos1.5152716730.69
Toth, Antal1.5160316210
Ongut, Tamas Gunes1.513991416-0.11
Viola, Gellert1.512961293-0.12
49Karacsonyi, Kata11288927-0.39
Ongut, Selcuk11573-0
51Szoukup, Istvan Jr.00724724

Brasschaat Open 2013-IM Gergacz A(HUN)

TWIC 981-Brasschaat Open 2013
GMs Dgebuadze, Alexandre and Zhao, Xue shared first with 7.5/9. Top Hungarian was IM Izsak, Gyula, who won the event previously in 2011. IM Gergacz,A had 6/9 while IM Peredy had 6.5/9.

IM Gergacz,A HUN

More on Brasschaat
In 2006 Brasschaat won the award of most liveable community of the world. This prestigious award was given by the LivCom Awards, a division of the United Nations.

GMs Dgebuadze, Alexandre and Zhao, Xue shared first with 7.5/9.

GM Zhao, Xue

1GM Dgebuadze, Alexandre7.5BEL25152604
2GM Zhao, Xue7.5CHN25622642
3GM Kasparov, Sergey7BLR24842523
4IM Izsak, Gyula7HUN24522370
5FM Sadkowski, Daniel7BEL22452328
6FM Beukema, Stefan7BEL23212232
7IM Docx, Stefan6.5BEL24902429
8IM Hovhanisian, Mher6.5ARM25072471
9FM Piceu, Tom6.5BEL23212379
10Colijn, Stefan6.5NED22762262
11FM Dardha, Arben6.5BEL22722168
12IM Peredy, Ferenc6.5HUN21982241
13Miesen, Fabian6NED21452300
14IM Gergacz, Attila6HUN23702339
15Roggeveen, Pieter6NED22002218
16Sadikhov, Ulvi6AZE22332277
17Mengerink, Ynze6NED21872216
18Leenaerts, Robin6BEL22652196
19WIM Kasparova, Tatiana6BLR21452148
20FM Hamblok, Roel6BEL23042187
21Schuermans, Robert6BEL21322148
22Kabos, Tobias6NED22942139
23Boucquet, Emile6BEL20552146
24CM Steenbekkers, Franck6NED22282061
25Ijzermans, Cees6NED19592097
26De Vos, Nils6BEL22212073

Hungarian Results
Top Hungarian was IM Izsak,Gyula, who won the event previously in 2011.

IM Gyula Izsak
(winnaar Masters 2011) 

IM Izsak, Gyula7HUN24522370
IM Peredy, Ferenc6.5HUN21982241
IM Gergacz, Attila6HUN23702339

Here is IM Gergacz's rd5 attacking victory over IM Hovhanisian in the topical French Tarrasch 3..h6.

Gergacz,A (2370) - Hovhanisian,M (2507)
French Tarrasch 3..h6[C03]
Brasschaat Open 2013
Brasschaat BEL (5.3), 21.08.2013

Position 1
White has sacrificed two pieces for the attack so far. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


Friday, August 30, 2013

Budapest Open 2013-Zentai P(HUN)

Zentai,P and Toth, Sarolta shared first place with 7.5/9. Here are two of Zentai's dramatic games.

A happy Bodrogi,L
Photo by Thomas Heyl.

Game 1

Zentai,Peter (2234) - Szalanczy,Emil (2285)
Benoni g3[A62]
III. Budapest Open
Budapest, Hungary (6.2), 22.08.2013

Position 1
White's has an extra exchange and is very active. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play


Game 2
Zentai,Peter (2234) - Bodrogi,Laszlo (2015)
III. Budapest Open
Budapest, Hungary (4.8), 20.08.2013

Position 1
The position looks chaotic but if black does nothing white will simply push the h-pawn. What do you recommend for black?

Black to Play