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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TWIC 982{HUN) INDEX-Sept 3 2013

TWIC is the work of Mark Crowther.

13th Zug Young Masters  2013-GM Prohaszka leads with 6/7.
TCh-ROM 2013-Banusz,T 3/3

13th Zug Young Masters  2013
GM Prohaszka leads with 6/7.

GM Prohaszka
More about Zug
Zug is a German-speaking city in Switzerland. The name 'Zug' originates from fishing vocabulary; in the Middle Ages it referred to the right to 'pull up' fishing nets and hence to the right to fish. 

The city of Zug is located in the Canton of Zug and is its capital. The lake Zug and old part of the city are the main touristic spots.

Ranking 7 round
  1. GM Prohaszka,Peter 6.0
  2. GM Fedorchuk,Sergey 5.0
  3. GM Sumets,Andrey 4.5
  4. FM Georgiadis,Nico 4.0
  5. FM Rindlisbacher,Lars 4.0
  6. FM Studer,Noel 3.5
  7. GM Svetushkin,Dmitry 3.0
  8. FM Grandadam,Nicolas 2.0
  9. IM Kurmann,Oliver 2.0
  10. FM Schiendorfer,Emanuel 1.0
TCh-ROM 2013
GM had a perfect 3/3 in team play.

GM Banusz,T 3/3
GM Berkes F 2.5/3
GM Erdos V 2/3

Here is Prohaszka's rd7 attacking victory.

Prohaszka,P (2567) - Kurmann,O (2421)
Queen’s Gambit Exchange[D35]
13th Zug Young Masters
Zug SUI (7.3), 02.09.2013

Position 1
White is on the attack but what is the best way to continue?

White to Play

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