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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Budapest Entry Fee Summary 2012

The new season has begun already. 

Here is some useful entry information for Budapest tournaments if you are considering a visit. Usually I play in the non-First Saturday(FS) RRs, the game/day opens and as many of the small 90/game opens as physically possible as the events are truly bargain priced. 

All tournaments have modest prizes(except FS) but usually no-one is entering as a professional player to make money.

I won the Siralyi Open a couple of times and the prize included a bottle of wine from the sponsor.

Key information is at the Hungarian Federation tournament listing

Budapest at night

One Game/Day 
These are the hidden bargains of Budapest. Imagine a nice RR for under 20 EUR just waiting to be found. Usually I am the only foreign player playing.

Round Robins

Round RobinRoundsPrizesEntry Fee(FIDE 2000+)
Amator Cup9Yes5,000 17.823.122.9November
Torokves A RR9Yes5,500 19.42525April
Frech Karolyi9Yes4,000 1417.6718June
Torokves A RR9Yes5,500 19.42525Sept
First Saturday(FS)**9-11No40,800 140180.35180.9Monthly
FS Price for Hungarians*No12,000 41.253.0753.23Monthly
** For details see Firstsaturday 2012-13 (Note-All prices negotiable. Location is in a hotel downtown and the tournaments run concurrently with IM and GM norm RRs.)

Open Tournaments
Open 1 Game/dayRoundsPrizesEntry Fee(FIDE 2000+)
Perenyi Memorial9Yes5,500 18.924.324.4Jan
Budapest Open9Yes7,000 24.630.930.5August

Multiple Games/Day
These are 90/game limited to players under 2200.

Open 1+ Game/dayRoundsPrizesEntry Fee(FIDE 2000+)
Xmas Open7Yes3,500 1215.915.8Dec
Josef Varosi Open7Yes3,000 10.313.313.4Mar,Oct
Siralyi Open7Yes5,500 18.924.324.4Feb
Kobanya Open6Yes3,000 10.313.313.4June,Sept,Dec
Lila Futo Open6Yes3,000 10.313.313.4June,Aug,Nov
Rakosmete Open7Yes1,600 5.577.1Feb,Mar,July

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