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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd10 Standings by Country

From Gibraltarchesscongress 2013

Piasetski and Fairbairn drew their last games making Piasetski the top Canadian with 5/10.

93IMPiasetski Leon2310CAN½½10½5
185Fairbairn Stephen2021CAN0½01½4.5
209Agbabishvili Lali1954CAN11½003.5

Fairbairn had a strong tournament with a Rating Performance of 2193 while playing 7 players 2200+ including a GM and 2 IMs. Here is a breakdown by round of his results. Well done!

1IMDocx Stefan2426BEL6.5s 0-1.65
2GMCramling Pia2518SWE6.5w 0-1.65
3Sevillano Leal Julio1807ESP3s 13.45
4Marttala Thomas2217SWE4.5w 111.25
5Olhovik Andrei2246BLR5s ½4.2
6FMVyparina Matej2305SVK5w 0-2.4
7CMOsuna Vega Enrique2157ESP5s ½2.7
8Bird Andrew2223AUS5w 0-3.6
9Jaunooby Ali R2178ENG4s 110.65
10IMSanchez Castillo Sarai2212VEN4.5s ½3.75

GM Hoang made her first and only draw in the last round to finish with 6.5/10.

52GMHoang Thanh Trang2469HUN1011½6.5
91WGMRudolf Anna2312HUN½½½115.5
214Lochte Szilvia1923HUN100½03

Kamsky won his last game to finish with 7.5/10.

2GMKamsky Gata2740USA11½017.5
22GMEhlvest Jaan2603USA½11006
46IMZatonskih Anna2491USA0½0105.5
189Hutton Jack2017USA011104.5
226Kang Leo J1814USA110½03.5

GM Short finished with 8/10 while Adams was right behind with 7.5/10. FM Lyell lost his last game to finish at 5/10.

10GMShort Nigel D2690ENG111½½8
3GMAdams Michael2725ENG1½½1½7.5
17GMJones Gawain C B2632ENG½½01½7
34GMGordon Stephen J2533ENG½½1106.5
63IMHouska Jovanka2416ENG½10116.5
57IMZhou Yang-Fan2439ENG½0½105.5
60IMTrent Lawrence2429ENG1010½5.5
113FMStorey Charles H2245ENG110015.5
121Spence David J2226ENG½1½0½5.5
73IMQuillan Gary2398ENG½½10½5
118FMLyell Mark2235ENG111105
130O`toole George E2204ENG111½½5
165Mckenna Jason P2110ENG101½15

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