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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TWIC 950(HUN-CAN) Summary Jan 22-2013

TWIC-The Week In Chess is the work of Mark Crowther.

There were no Canadians in action this week and still no games from the Panama Open.

75th Tata Steel GpA  2013(After Rd8) Tatasteelchess
Leko,P(HUN) has 4/8.

1Carlsen, M.6.028612932½½11½½11
2Anand, V.5.527722889½1½½11½½
3Aronian, L.5.028022819½0½½1½11
4Nakamura, H.5.027692797½½½½1½½1
5Harikrishna, P.4.5269827960½½½½11½
6Karjakin, S.4.5 278027830½½½1½½1
7Leko, P.4.027352752½0½½1½½½
8Caruana, F.4.027812718½0½½011½
9van Wely, L.3.5 2679269300½½011½
10Wang, H.3.5 2752265500½0½½11
11Giri, A.3.0 27262617½0½½½½½0
12Sokolov, I.2.5266726290½0½½0½½
13L'Ami, E.2.526272587½½½000½½
14Hou, Y.2.5 26032599000½½01½

75th Tata Steel GpB 2013(After Rd8)
Rapport, Movsesian and Timman share the lead with 5.5/8.

Rapport-Van Kampen

1Rapport, R.5.5262127671½011½½1
2Movsesian, S.5.5 268827650½½½1111
3Timman, J.5.525662754½01½½111
4Naiditsch, A.5.027082711½½101011
5Dubov, D.4.526002665½1½½0½1½
6Smeets, J.4.526152650100½½11½
7Tiviakov, S.4.0265526290½½10110
8Edouard, R.4.0268626190011½1½0
9Turov, M.4.0 26302614½½0½½½½1
10van Kampen, R.3.5 25812586½01½00½1
11Grandelius, N.3.02572252600½0½101
12Nikolic, P.3.0 261925380000½½11
13Ipatov, A.2.0 2587242300½½0½½0
14Ernst, S.2.02556243800011000

TCH-AUT 2012-13
Balogh,C had a great score with 3/4 while other Hungarians were not so sucessful. The talented Juhasz brothers continue to gain valuable experience in international league play.

Balogh,C 34
Ribli,Z 2.54
Acs,P 23
Feher,A 24
Erdos,V 1.54
Hera,I 1.54
Farago,I 0.52
Ruck,R 0.51
Juhasz,Kr 1.5/41.54
Juhasz A 1/313

TCH-SVK 2012-13
Bokros,A did well.

Bokros,A 1.52
Varga,Z 12
Papp,G 12

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