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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd1

For Info See Gibraltarchesscongress
'...We are delighted to announce that another chess legend will return to Gibraltar to compete in the 2013 Masters.(much more)'

Canadians at Gibratar Gibraltarchesscongress Pairings_results
3 Canadians are playing in the Masters group.

IM Piasetski

93IMPiasetski Leon2310CAN11
184Fairbairn Stephen2021CAN00
208Agbabishvili Lali1954CAN00

3 Hungarians led by GM Hoang are playing.

GM Hoang Thanh Trang

52GMHoang Thanh Trang2469HUN11
91WGMRudolf Anna2312HUN11
213Lochte Szilvia1923HUN00

5 Americans are playing led by the veteran GM Gata Kamsky

2GMKamsky Gata2740USA½0.5
22GMEhlvest Jaan2603USA11
46IMZatonskih Anna2491USA11
188Hutton Jack2017USA½0.5
225Kang Leo J1814USA½0.5

A massive group of English players including Budapest resident FM Mark Lyell are playing.

3GMAdams Michael2725ENG11
10GMShort Nigel D2690ENG11
17GMJones Gawain C B2632ENG11
34GMGordon Stephen J2533ENG11
57IMZhou Yang-Fan2439ENG11
60IMTrent Lawrence2429ENG11
63IMHouska Jovanka2416ENG11
73IMQuillan Gary2398ENG11
99Chapman Terry P D2292ENG11
113FMStorey Charles H2245ENG11
118FMLyell Mark2235ENG11
121Spence David J2226ENG½0.5
135Jaunooby Ali R2178ENG00
139Byron Alan M2167ENG00
148CMWalton Alan J2153ENG00
149Burrows Martin P2153ENG00
161Cawley Paul F2113ENG00
164Mckenna Jason P2110ENG00
174CMReuben Stewart2054ENG11
180Stewart Ashley2040ENG00
182WFMGrigoryan Meri2025ENG½0.5
183Hamer Martyn2025ENG00
190Spanton Tim R2017ENG00
191Hackner Oskar A2015ENG00
210Tranter Stephen1938ENG½0.5
214Openshaw David K1923ENG00
216Dennis Nigel W1904ENG00
223Wilson Matthew R1827ENG00
231Whatley Stephen A J1717ENG00
233Ramdewar Ishan1658ENG00
237Collins Andrew1638ENG00
239Williamson Ian1602ENG00

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