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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tata Steel A Tatasteelchess 2013
Carlsen, M won by 1.5 pts. with a final score of 10/13. Leko finished with 7.5/13.


1Carlsen, M.10.0 / 13X½½1½11½½11½11
2Aronian, L.8.5 / 13½X0½11½½1½1½½1
3Anand, V.8.0 / 13½1X½½½½½01½11½
4Karjakin, S.8.0 / 130½½X½½½½111½½1
5Leko, P.7.5 / 13½0½½X½½½½1½1½1
6Nakamura, H.7.0 / 1300½½½X½½1½11½½
7Harikrishna, P.6.5 / 130½½½½½X1½10½½½
8Giri, A.6.0 / 13½½½½½½0X½½01½½
9Wang, H.6.0 / 13½010½0½½X01½1½
10van Wely, L.6.0 / 130½000½0½1X½111
11Hou, Y.5.5 / 1300½0½0110½X½½1
12Caruana, F.5.0 / 13½½0½00½0½0½X11
13L'Ami, E.4.0 / 130½0½½½½½00½0X½
14Sokolov, I.3.0 / 1300½00½½½½000½X

Tata Steel B
Naiditsch, A(GER) and Rapport, R(HUN) shared first with 9/13.

Group B

1Naiditsch, A.9.0 / 13X11½½½10101½11
2Rapport, R.9.0 / 130X01½111½½½111
3Smeets, J.8.5 / 1301X½½10½1½11½1
4Movsesian, S.8.5 / 13½0½X½1½½11½1½1
5Dubov, D.7.5 / 13½½½½X0110½½1½1
6Edouard, R.7.0 / 13½0001X½1½11½10
7Timman, J.7.0 / 13001½0½X½½01111
8Tiviakov, S.6.5 / 1310½½00½X½1½110
9Turov, M.6.0 / 130½001½½½X½½½½1
10van Kampen, R.5.5 / 131½½0½010½X00½1
11Grandelius, N.4.5 / 130½0½½00½½1X010
12Nikolic, P.4.5 / 13½0000½00½11X01
13Ipatov, A.4.0 / 1300½½½000½½01X½
14Ernst, S.3.5 / 13000001010010½X

Gibraltar Tradewise
Results are well covered in other parts of the blog.

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