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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd9 Final Standings

Final Standings
Group A-Koczo won by 2 points with 7.5/9.
Open-Pozsonyi had an excellent tournament and finished with 8/9.

Thanks to Robert Zoldy who organized the tournament, took pictures and also played in the A group.

Group A
Koczo won by 2 points with 7.5/9.

1Koczo, Kristof7.522692355
2Nagy, Aron5.521402176
3FM Juhasz, Bela5.522222167
4Kormos, Adam522112131
5Bodrogi, Mihaly521092143
6Stern, Tibor4.520252109
7Varga, Attila420122067
8Yip, Michael3.520072031
9Bodrogi, Laszlo2.520361942
10Zoldy, Robert219751895

Pozsonyi had an excellent tournament and finished with 8/9. The tournament had the normal number of keen juniors getting valuable experience.

1Pozsonyi, Istvan819382153
2Abraham, Lajos Sr6.518281962
3Hegedus, Peter Dr Sr617131880
4Bartuszek, Andras5.518461891
5Toth-Katona, Tamas Jr5.518651878
6Rinyu, Janos Sr5.518931879
7Veres, Istvan5.520171899
8Szoke, Gabor5.519701877
9Krizsany, Laszlo Sr. Sr518631889
10Bodo, Lajos Jr U516251780
11Rajcsanyi, Peter518751706
12Racz, Gabor501447
13Kun, Sandor Laszlo4.518341813
14Liptak, Tibor Sr4.518291811
15Ladanyi, Gyula Sr4.518931721
16Bakos, Viktor Jr4.515501644
17Bodo, Lajos Geza4.516711638
18Gyombolai, Balint4.515741724
19Szurkos, Andras Sr418161862
20Szegedi, Zoltan418001657
21Danffy, Abel Jr U413741417
22Zsatkovics, Endre3.517681771
23Koltai, Daniel Jr3.516171585
24Viola, Gellert Jr3.512961274
25Birovecz, Ben Jordan JrU3.50951
26Horvath, Zsolt301866
27Bolyki, Istvan Jr2.501270
28Sajben, Mate Jr U2.50872
29Mihaly, Zoltan217981599
30Suranyi, Daniel Jr U10840

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd8

Here is my rd8 game.

I was getting crushed by Stern,T(black) who moved in for the kill with 32...Bh2, threatening ..Bg3#.

White to Play
In the analysis with Stern and Varga,A(who I play in rd9), I showed what I missed-33.Re8+! Kg7 34.Rg8+ Kxg8 35.Qe8+ Kg7 36.Bh6+!! Kh6(or 36...Kf6 37.Qd8#) 37.Qf8#.

Too bad. Now my tactics have improved to the point where I can see things a bit too late. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd5-Gallery

Some Pics by Zoldy,Robert

RR Group
I lost my third game in a row(rather sadly) as I have become my own worst enemy. My opponent beat me in the same tournament last year with the same opening(1.c4) and just had his birthday-so Happy Birthday Aron.

Nagy,A(l) playing Yip,M(r)

Here is my round 5 game.

Position 1
Both players missed 12..f4 with the idea of 13.ef or then 13...g4! and Nh3 is out of squares. Otherwise the idea is 13...f3 forking Qe2/Bg2.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd4

Group A Standings
Koczo shares the lead with Bodrogi,M with 3/4. Koczo beat me in the last game to finish from a bad position. I finally faded in the long RB-RB ending.

Position 1
My early middlegame position was quite promising after 20...Rd8 but I did not play 21.e4!

Position 2
I pushed hard with 35.f6 and thought I had a crushing position but it was not as good as I thought.

Position 3
I won a pawn but then retreated with 38.Rf3= instead of 38.Rf6 with an advantage. I kept pressing for the win but tried a bit too hard and lost.

1Bodrogi, Mihaly3M210922450.685½11½
2Koczo, Kristof3M22692244-0.074.751½½1
3Kormos, Adam2.5M221122230.084.75½½½1
4Nagy, Aron2.5M214021930.274.5½1½½
5Varga, Attila2M201221820.874.25½½10
6Stern, Tibor1.5M20251972-0.313.5½001
7Yip, Michael1.5M200720690.262.751½00
8FM Juhasz, Bela1.5M22221998-1.212.25½100
9Bodrogi, Laszlo1.5M20361971-0.382.2500½1
10Zoldy, Robert1M19751945-0.191.50010

Open Standings
Pozsonyi is in clear first with 4/4.

1Pozsonyi, Istvan4M19382541
2Liptak, Tibor Sr3M18292024
3Krizsany, Laszlo Sr. Sr3M18631950
4Veres, Istvan3M20171971
5Szurkos, Andras Sr3M18162002
6Toth-Katona, Tamas Jr3M18651871
7Abraham, Lajos Sr3M18281902
8Bartuszek, Andras Sr2.5M18461950
9Rinyu, Janos Sr2.5M18931871
10Hegedus, Peter Dr Sr2.5M17131643
11Szoke, Gabor2.5M19701762
12Kun, Sandor Laszlo2M18341728
13Zsatkovics, Endre2M17681900
14Rajcsanyi, Peter2M18751750
15Ladanyi, Gyula Sr2M18931703
16Gyombolai, Balint2M15741596
17Mihaly, Zoltan2M17981765
18Bodo, Lajos Geza2M16711197
19Bodo, Lajos Jr U2M16251129
20Koltai, Daniel Jr1.5M16171717
21Szegedi, Zoltan1.5M18001640
22Danffy, Abel Jr U1.5M13741397
23Sajben, Mate Jr U1M01053
24Horvath, Zsolt1M02285
25Birovecz, Ben Jordan JrU1M0973
26Bakos, Viktor Jr1M15501096
27Viola, Gellert Jr1M1296911
28Suranyi, Daniel Jr U1M0952
29Bolyki, Istvan Jr0.5M01399
30Racz, Gabor0M0837

Here is my rd4 game with Koczo.

GM Rapport TV Story(Hungarian Language) 2013

GM Rapport is now getting a lot of media attention.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TWIC 972(HUN) INDEX June 25, 2013

TWIC is produced by Mark Crowther.

8th Teplice Open 2013(Photos from Site Gallery)
GM Nidjat Mamedov (AZE 2602) won Open Teplice 2013. Second place went to GM Vlastimil Babula (CZE 2581) and third place went to GM Jan Krejci (CZE 2503). 

GM Boros,D(HUN) 6.5/9

Winner GM Nidjat Mamedov

GM Sergey Kasparov


Playing hall action


1GMMamedov NidjatAZE2602Azerbaijan7
2GMBabula VlastimilCZE2581Agentura 64 Grygov7
3GMKrejci JanCZE2503Tatran Litovel7
4GMNeiksans ArtursLAT2549Latvia7
5IMPlischki SebastianGER2386Germany7
6GMAndreev EduardUKR2498Sk Slavia Orlova7
7IMSmirnov ArtemRUS2422Russia7
8GMSimantsev MikhailUKR2454Ukraine7
9GMBoros DenesHUN2498Hungary6.5
10IMZaragatski IljaGER2486Germany6.5
11GMTeske HenrikGER2514Germany6
12GMRausis IgorsCZE2532Beskydska 
Sachova Skola O.S.
13GMKislinsky AlexejCZE2565Sk Slavia Orlova6
14Wieczorek OskarPOL2353KSz Polonia Wroclaw6
15IMBurg TwanNED2481Netherlands6
16IMLuch MichalPOL2432Poland6
17IMSimacek PavelCZE2467Agentura 64 Grygov6
18FMKantans TomsLAT2320Latvia6
19IMPlat VojtechCZE2445Tz Trinec6
20IMStachowiak KamilPOL2474Poland6
21IMBaumegger SiegfriedAUT2474Austria6
22IMJurcik MarianSVK2525Slovakia6
23IMCernousek LukasCZE2463Sk Rapid Pardubice, O.S.6
24Weichhold PawelPOL2382AKSz Hetman Politechnika 
25WGMMamedjarova TurkanAZE2249Azerbaijan6
26GMKasparov SergeyBLR2482Belorussia6
27GMManik MikulasSVK2413Tj Spartak Tos Zebrak6

TCh-BIH Premier 2013
Erdos,V 5.5/7

TOP 12 TCh-FRA Fem Finals 2013
Madl 1.5/2
Rudolf 0.5/2

3rd Big Slick IM  2013(In Progress)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd2

Results A
I won a pawn but could not find the winning idea and finally drew my game with Kormos,A.

Here are some pictures by Zoldy,Robert(Thanks!)

 Yip(Left) playing Kormos,A(right) from rd2

The playing hall rd1

In Yip-Kormos,

Position 1(30..e4)
I won a pawn in the middlegame with some sharp play and reached a clearly better ending after 30...e4. Play continued with 31.Rd2!? but my technique could not bring home the point.


Position 2(57..Ne8+)
I have a choice of king moves after 57...Ne8+ but did not find 58.Ke7 or 58.Ke6 both winning with the Nxg6+ idea. I played 58.Ke5? and conceded a draw.


Koczo had a good position from the opening but had to fight for a draw in a R-R ending against Varga,Z eventually holding a theoretical drawn Philidor position.

Bodrogi,L opened with 1.b3 against Bodrogi,M but eventually was ground down in a RN-RB ending.

Juhasz,B faced the Tarrasch Defence from Zoldy and prevailed.

Nagy,Aron defended the 3.Bb5+ Bd7 Sicilian and won. 

1Yip, Michael12007Kormos, Adam0.52211½-½
2Koczo, Kristof12269Varga, Attila0.52012½-½
3FM Juhasz, Bela0.52222Zoldy, Robert019751-0
4Stern, Tibor0.52025Nagy, Aron0.521400-1
5Bodrogi, Laszlo02036Bodrogi, Mihaly0.521090-1

Standings A
Nagy,A is in a group of 5 with the lead at 1.5/2.

1Nagy, Aron1.5M214023170.451.25½1
2FM Juhasz, Bela1.5M222222510.080.75½1
3Koczo, Kristof1.5M22692187-0.170.51½
4Yip, Michael1.5M200723170.80.51½
5Bodrogi, Mihaly1.5M210922240.280.25½1
6Kormos, Adam1M22112010-0.521.25½½
7Varga, Attila1M201222400.581.25½½
8Stern, Tibor0.5M20251932-0.220.75½0
9Bodrogi, Laszlo0M20361323-0.94000
10Zoldy, Robert0M19751511-0.34000

Standings Open
Bartuszek,A shares the lead with 3 others on 2/2.

Bartusek,A(left) playing Veres,I(right) in rd2

Veres,I(right) playing Mihaly, Zoltan(right) in rd1

1Pozsonyi, Istvan2
2Toth-Katona, Tamas2
3Bartuszek, Andras Sr2
4Liptak, Tibor Sr2
5Rinyu, Janos Sr1.5
6Rajcsanyi, Peter1.5
7Krizsany, Laszlo Sr. Sr1.5
8Szurkos, Andras Sr1.5
9Szegedi, Zoltan1.5
10Veres, Istvan1
11Szoke, Gabor1
12Ladanyi, Gyula Sr1
13Kun, Sandor Laszlo1
14Abraham, Lajos Sr1
15Mihaly, Zoltan1
16Zsatkovics, Endre1
17Bodo, Lajos Geza1
18Bodo, Lajos Jr U1
19Koltai, Daniel1
20Gyombolai, Balint1
21Sajben, Mate1
22Hegedus, Peter Dr Sr0.5
23Danffy, Abel Jr U0.5
24Bolyki, Istvan Jr0.5
25Bakos, Viktor Jr0
26Viola, Gellert Jr0
27Birovecz, Ben Jordan JrU0
28Horvath, Zsolt0
29Racz, Gabor0
30Suranyi, Daniel0

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Frech Karoly Memorial 2013 Rd1

Rd1 Standings
I got off to a good start, but Houdini assures me I played quite weakly. Bodrogi,L had a good position but tried too hard to force the play and eventually gave a piece up.

The playing site-Konves Kalman Gymnasium

Rank Name Score M/F Rating TPR W-We SB 1
1 Koczo, Kristof 1.0 M 2269 2710 +0.15 0.0 1
2 Yip, Michael 1.0 M 2007 2771 +0.54 0.0 1
3 FM Juhasz, Bela 0.5 M 2222 2140 -0.11 0.25 ½
4 Kormos, Adam 0.5 M 2211 2012 -0.26 0.25 ½
5 Nagy, Aron 0.5 M 2140 2222 +0.11 0.25 ½
6 Bodrogi, Mihaly 0.5 M 2109 2025 -0.12 0.25 ½
7 Stern, Tibor 0.5 M 2025 2109 +0.12 0.25 ½
8 Varga, Attila 0.5 M 2012 2211 +0.26 0.25 ½
9 Bodrogi, Laszlo 0.0 M 2036 1272 -0.54 0.0 0
10 Zoldy, Robert 0.0 M 1975 1534 -0.15 0.0 0

Friday, June 21, 2013

Alberta,Canada Flooding 2013-06(Non-Chess)

Alberta Flooding
Record flooding in the heart of the Alberta tar sands dramatically illustrates their threat to Canada's 'Serengeti', the Mackenzie River basin.

Calgary's mayor is warning that the worst of the flooding is yet to come after a significant portion of his city's population spent the night pulling back to higher ground.

"I grew up here. I spent a lot of time on the Bow and Elbow Rivers and I have never seen the river that high or that fast," Naheed Nenshi said at a news conference early Friday morning.

Heavy rains eight years ago caused flood damage to about 40,000 Calgary homes and resulted in the evacuation of more than 1,500 Calgarians. It resulted in $275 million in insured losses.

Calgary Flooding June 21,2013 from Scotsman's hill overlooking Stampede Ground. 1 in 200 year event for the 2nd time in 7 years. The confluence of the Elbow and Bow is a kilometre or so from here.

Blog Activity June 22-30 2013

Blog Activity June 22-30 2013
Updates will be limited as I will be playing in the Frech Károly Emlékverseny 2013.

Tournament site Sakk.Ujpestikse

Ujpestikse team members

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rakosmente Open 2013-06: Gallery Part 2

More Pics-Gallery

General action about to start

FM Mihok(left) getting ready



Future masters ready to go

Yip, Michael(CAN)
Yes, that's me