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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd4

Group A Standings
Koczo shares the lead with Bodrogi,M with 3/4. Koczo beat me in the last game to finish from a bad position. I finally faded in the long RB-RB ending.

Position 1
My early middlegame position was quite promising after 20...Rd8 but I did not play 21.e4!

Position 2
I pushed hard with 35.f6 and thought I had a crushing position but it was not as good as I thought.

Position 3
I won a pawn but then retreated with 38.Rf3= instead of 38.Rf6 with an advantage. I kept pressing for the win but tried a bit too hard and lost.

1Bodrogi, Mihaly3M210922450.685½11½
2Koczo, Kristof3M22692244-0.074.751½½1
3Kormos, Adam2.5M221122230.084.75½½½1
4Nagy, Aron2.5M214021930.274.5½1½½
5Varga, Attila2M201221820.874.25½½10
6Stern, Tibor1.5M20251972-0.313.5½001
7Yip, Michael1.5M200720690.262.751½00
8FM Juhasz, Bela1.5M22221998-1.212.25½100
9Bodrogi, Laszlo1.5M20361971-0.382.2500½1
10Zoldy, Robert1M19751945-0.191.50010

Open Standings
Pozsonyi is in clear first with 4/4.

1Pozsonyi, Istvan4M19382541
2Liptak, Tibor Sr3M18292024
3Krizsany, Laszlo Sr. Sr3M18631950
4Veres, Istvan3M20171971
5Szurkos, Andras Sr3M18162002
6Toth-Katona, Tamas Jr3M18651871
7Abraham, Lajos Sr3M18281902
8Bartuszek, Andras Sr2.5M18461950
9Rinyu, Janos Sr2.5M18931871
10Hegedus, Peter Dr Sr2.5M17131643
11Szoke, Gabor2.5M19701762
12Kun, Sandor Laszlo2M18341728
13Zsatkovics, Endre2M17681900
14Rajcsanyi, Peter2M18751750
15Ladanyi, Gyula Sr2M18931703
16Gyombolai, Balint2M15741596
17Mihaly, Zoltan2M17981765
18Bodo, Lajos Geza2M16711197
19Bodo, Lajos Jr U2M16251129
20Koltai, Daniel Jr1.5M16171717
21Szegedi, Zoltan1.5M18001640
22Danffy, Abel Jr U1.5M13741397
23Sajben, Mate Jr U1M01053
24Horvath, Zsolt1M02285
25Birovecz, Ben Jordan JrU1M0973
26Bakos, Viktor Jr1M15501096
27Viola, Gellert Jr1M1296911
28Suranyi, Daniel Jr U1M0952
29Bolyki, Istvan Jr0.5M01399
30Racz, Gabor0M0837

Here is my rd4 game with Koczo.

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