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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Frech Károly 2013-06 Rd2

Results A
I won a pawn but could not find the winning idea and finally drew my game with Kormos,A.

Here are some pictures by Zoldy,Robert(Thanks!)

 Yip(Left) playing Kormos,A(right) from rd2

The playing hall rd1

In Yip-Kormos,

Position 1(30..e4)
I won a pawn in the middlegame with some sharp play and reached a clearly better ending after 30...e4. Play continued with 31.Rd2!? but my technique could not bring home the point.


Position 2(57..Ne8+)
I have a choice of king moves after 57...Ne8+ but did not find 58.Ke7 or 58.Ke6 both winning with the Nxg6+ idea. I played 58.Ke5? and conceded a draw.


Koczo had a good position from the opening but had to fight for a draw in a R-R ending against Varga,Z eventually holding a theoretical drawn Philidor position.

Bodrogi,L opened with 1.b3 against Bodrogi,M but eventually was ground down in a RN-RB ending.

Juhasz,B faced the Tarrasch Defence from Zoldy and prevailed.

Nagy,Aron defended the 3.Bb5+ Bd7 Sicilian and won. 

1Yip, Michael12007Kormos, Adam0.52211½-½
2Koczo, Kristof12269Varga, Attila0.52012½-½
3FM Juhasz, Bela0.52222Zoldy, Robert019751-0
4Stern, Tibor0.52025Nagy, Aron0.521400-1
5Bodrogi, Laszlo02036Bodrogi, Mihaly0.521090-1

Standings A
Nagy,A is in a group of 5 with the lead at 1.5/2.

1Nagy, Aron1.5M214023170.451.25½1
2FM Juhasz, Bela1.5M222222510.080.75½1
3Koczo, Kristof1.5M22692187-0.170.51½
4Yip, Michael1.5M200723170.80.51½
5Bodrogi, Mihaly1.5M210922240.280.25½1
6Kormos, Adam1M22112010-0.521.25½½
7Varga, Attila1M201222400.581.25½½
8Stern, Tibor0.5M20251932-0.220.75½0
9Bodrogi, Laszlo0M20361323-0.94000
10Zoldy, Robert0M19751511-0.34000

Standings Open
Bartuszek,A shares the lead with 3 others on 2/2.

Bartusek,A(left) playing Veres,I(right) in rd2

Veres,I(right) playing Mihaly, Zoltan(right) in rd1

1Pozsonyi, Istvan2
2Toth-Katona, Tamas2
3Bartuszek, Andras Sr2
4Liptak, Tibor Sr2
5Rinyu, Janos Sr1.5
6Rajcsanyi, Peter1.5
7Krizsany, Laszlo Sr. Sr1.5
8Szurkos, Andras Sr1.5
9Szegedi, Zoltan1.5
10Veres, Istvan1
11Szoke, Gabor1
12Ladanyi, Gyula Sr1
13Kun, Sandor Laszlo1
14Abraham, Lajos Sr1
15Mihaly, Zoltan1
16Zsatkovics, Endre1
17Bodo, Lajos Geza1
18Bodo, Lajos Jr U1
19Koltai, Daniel1
20Gyombolai, Balint1
21Sajben, Mate1
22Hegedus, Peter Dr Sr0.5
23Danffy, Abel Jr U0.5
24Bolyki, Istvan Jr0.5
25Bakos, Viktor Jr0
26Viola, Gellert Jr0
27Birovecz, Ben Jordan JrU0
28Horvath, Zsolt0
29Racz, Gabor0
30Suranyi, Daniel0

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