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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jeff Tomy(ENG) New Young Talent

Jeff Tomy nominated for British Malayali Young Talent award - Watfordobserver

'Watford chess prodigy Jeff Tomy has been nominated for the prestigious British Malayali Young Talent Award. The six-year-old Laurance Haines pupil will be part of the England Team for the World School Chess Championship in Greece in May.

Jeff represented England last year in the World School Chess Championship in Romania at the age of five.
Jeff Tomy
He is competing against other talents in the award who have excelled in activities such as mountaineering and karate. Jeff learned chess at the age of three and is now one of the leading young players of England.
Phil Ehr, director of the Junior Chess English Chess Federation, said: "Jeff Tomy is one of England’s most promising young chess players. His technical skills and tournament endurance are improving rapidly. Jeff’s opponents, young and old, know that when paired to play Jeff they are in for a challenge."
Jeff is now undergoing intensive coaching from Narayanan Jyothilal, the wellknown chess trainer from the South Indian state of Kerala. Jyothilal uses modern software, DVDs and classic chess books to help the young champion.

Tata Steel 2013 Group B Rd11-GM Rapport(HUN)

Here is Rapport's rd11 with Naiditsch who won a fantastic minor piece ending BN-BN with opposite color bishops. 

The game started off with a harmless looking Winawer with 4.ed ed. Then the maneuvering action started with Rapport having his share of the chances.

Rapport,R(l) playing Naiditsch,A(r)

Naiditsch,A (2708) - Rapport,R (2621)
French Winawer 4.ed ed[C15]
75th Tata Steel GpB Wijk aan Zee NED (11.4), 25.01.2013

Position 1
The kingside is closed off. What is the plan for white now?

White to Play


Position 2
White is pushing hard on the queenside. What is the next step?

White to Play


Tata Steel 2013 Group B Rd10-Rapport(HUN)

Here Rapport's rd10 game. The main feature is the R-R P+ conversion with all the play on the kingside.


Rapport,R (2621) - Ipatov,Alexander (2587)
QGD Exchange Variation[D35]
75th Tata Steel GpB Wijk aan Zee NED (10.3), 23.01.2013

Position 1
Black is causing problems with the active rook and it is not so clear how white can or should make progress. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd10 Standings by Country

From Gibraltarchesscongress 2013

Piasetski and Fairbairn drew their last games making Piasetski the top Canadian with 5/10.

93IMPiasetski Leon2310CAN½½10½5
185Fairbairn Stephen2021CAN0½01½4.5
209Agbabishvili Lali1954CAN11½003.5

Fairbairn had a strong tournament with a Rating Performance of 2193 while playing 7 players 2200+ including a GM and 2 IMs. Here is a breakdown by round of his results. Well done!

1IMDocx Stefan2426BEL6.5s 0-1.65
2GMCramling Pia2518SWE6.5w 0-1.65
3Sevillano Leal Julio1807ESP3s 13.45
4Marttala Thomas2217SWE4.5w 111.25
5Olhovik Andrei2246BLR5s ½4.2
6FMVyparina Matej2305SVK5w 0-2.4
7CMOsuna Vega Enrique2157ESP5s ½2.7
8Bird Andrew2223AUS5w 0-3.6
9Jaunooby Ali R2178ENG4s 110.65
10IMSanchez Castillo Sarai2212VEN4.5s ½3.75

GM Hoang made her first and only draw in the last round to finish with 6.5/10.

52GMHoang Thanh Trang2469HUN1011½6.5
91WGMRudolf Anna2312HUN½½½115.5
214Lochte Szilvia1923HUN100½03

Kamsky won his last game to finish with 7.5/10.

2GMKamsky Gata2740USA11½017.5
22GMEhlvest Jaan2603USA½11006
46IMZatonskih Anna2491USA0½0105.5
189Hutton Jack2017USA011104.5
226Kang Leo J1814USA110½03.5

GM Short finished with 8/10 while Adams was right behind with 7.5/10. FM Lyell lost his last game to finish at 5/10.

10GMShort Nigel D2690ENG111½½8
3GMAdams Michael2725ENG1½½1½7.5
17GMJones Gawain C B2632ENG½½01½7
34GMGordon Stephen J2533ENG½½1106.5
63IMHouska Jovanka2416ENG½10116.5
57IMZhou Yang-Fan2439ENG½0½105.5
60IMTrent Lawrence2429ENG1010½5.5
113FMStorey Charles H2245ENG110015.5
121Spence David J2226ENG½1½0½5.5
73IMQuillan Gary2398ENG½½10½5
118FMLyell Mark2235ENG111105
130O`toole George E2204ENG111½½5
165Mckenna Jason P2110ENG101½15

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd 10

Overall Gibraltarchesscongress
Vitiugov Nikita was the overall winner after 4 players finised with 8/10.

From tournament website

GM Nikita Vitiugov

'Congratulations to Nikita Vitiugov, winner of the Tradewise Masters after a thrilling play-off final against Nigel Short. He collects the first prize of £20,000 (€23,320). Congratulations also to Chinese GM Zhao Xue has won the top female prize of £12,000. She drew her game after nearly five hours of play against Vassily Ivanchuk and achieved a score of 7½/10.  For the top Masters prize of £20,000 there was a four-way play-off involving Nikita Vitiugov, Nigel Short, Maxine Vachier-Lagrave and Chanda Sandipan.'

'Vitiugov is 2006 World Junior Chess Vice-Champion[1] and participant of the Russian Chess Championship (2006[2] and 2007[3]). He was a member of the gold-medal-winning Russian team at the World Team Chess Championship 2009 in Bursa.[4] In 2011, he tied for 1st-3rd with Evgeny Tomashevsky and Le Quang Liem in the Aeroflot Open.'-Wikipedia Nikita_Vitiugov

Vitiugov is also an accomplished author and wrote The French Defence Reloaded(Chess Stars 2012).

'A completely updated edition which presents a Black repertoire based on the French. 

Here are Vitiugov's own words: “I received, quite unexpectedly, many comments and opinions following the publication of my first book on the French Defence. These were quite varied, both in form and content.

There were renowned experts, who pointed out that some of the variations were not analyzed to perfection. Some meticulous readers looked for, and found (!), possibilities for both sides, which I had omitted in several important, and even not so important, lines. 

There were people who criticized my rather ambitious concept, according to which I tried to present the opening the way I saw it, instead of just following the branches of the database. However, there were also some appreciative comments.(more) NIC The_French_Defence_Reloaded

1GMVitiugov NikitaRUS26948
2GMVachier-Lagrave MaximeFRA27118
3GMSandipan ChandaIND25908
4GMShort Nigel DENG26908
5GMGeorgiev KirilBUL26437.5
6GMAdams MichaelENG27257.5
7GMNavara DavidCZE27107.5
8GMKamsky GataUSA27407.5
9GMIvanchuk VassilyUKR27587.5
GMYu YangyiCHN26887.5
11GMSalgado Lopez IvanESP26067.5
12GMFridman DanielGER26677.5
13GMZhao XueCHN25547.5
14GMLe Quang LiemVIE27057
15GMJones Gawain C BENG26327
16GMFelgaer RubenARG25577
17GMWojtaszek RadoslawPOL27237
18GMShirov AlexeiLAT27087
19GMStefanova AntoanetaBUL25167
20IMGunina ValentinaRUS24907
21GMMuzychuk AnnaSLO25827
22GMSutovsky EmilISR26847
23GMGallagher Joseph G.SUI24997
24GMBartel MateuszPOL26297
25IMKuipers StefanNED24317

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd9 Standings by Country

For more info see Gibraltarchesscongress 2013 and the great pictures are from Gibraltarchesscongress Photos

GM Hoang won again and now has 6/9.

GM Hoang

52GMHoang Thanh Trang2469HUN010116
91WGMRudolf Anna2312HUN0½½½14.5
214Lochte Szilvia1923HUN½100½3

Piasetski lost but remains the top Canadian with 4.5/9.

93IMPiasetski Leon2310CAN½½½104.5
185Fairbairn Stephen2021CAN½0½014
209Agbabishvili Lali1954CAN011½03.5

Kamsky and Ehlvest both lost so Kamsky remains the top American with 6.5/9.

GM Kamsky

2GMKamsky Gata2740USA½11½06.5
22GMEhlvest Jaan2603USA0½1106
46IMZatonskih Anna2491USA10½015.5
189Hutton Jack2017USA001114.5
226Kang Leo J1814USA0110½3.5

GM Short shares first overall with 7.5/9 while GM Adams is half a point back with 7/9. FM Lyell moves up to 5/9 with his fourth consecutive win.

10GMShort Nigel D2690ENG1111½7.5
3GMAdams Michael2725ENG½1½½17
17GMJones Gawain C B2632ENG1½½016.5
34GMGordon Stephen J2533ENG0½½116.5
57IMZhou Yang-Fan2439ENG1½0½15.5
63IMHouska Jovanka2416ENG1½1015.5
60IMTrent Lawrence2429ENG010105
118FMLyell Mark2235ENG011115
121Spence David J2226ENG1½1½05
73IMQuillan Gary2398ENG0½½104.5
99Chapman Terry P D2292ENG01½0½4.5
113FMStorey Charles H2245ENG½11004.5
130O`toole George E2204ENG½111½4.5
140Byron Alan M2167ENG11½104.5
183WFMGrigoryan Meri2025ENG100114.5
192Hackner Oskar A2015ENG1½½½14.5

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd9 Standings

Vitiugov Nikita; Vachier-Lagrave Maxime and Short Nigel share the lead with 7.5/9. Short takes his first non-win for quite a while now.

1GMVitiugov NikitaRUS26947.5
2GMVachier-Lagrave MaximeFRA27117.5
3GMShort Nigel DENG26907.5
4GMLe Quang LiemVIE27057
5GMAdams MichaelENG27257
6GMNavara DavidCZE27107
7GMGeorgiev KirilBUL26437
8GMIvanchuk VassilyUKR27587
9GMSandipan ChandaIND25907
10GMZhao XueCHN25547
11GMKamsky GataUSA27406.5
12GMYu YangyiCHN26886.5
13GMJones Gawain C BENG26326.5
14GMSalgado Lopez IvanESP26066.5
15IMOparin GrigoriyRUS24786.5
16GMWojtaszek RadoslawPOL27236.5
17GMFelgaer RubenARG25576.5
18GMFridman DanielGER26676.5
19IMIbarra Jerez Jose CarlosESP25386.5
20GMGordon Stephen JENG25336.5
21GMCramling PiaSWE25186.5
22GMGallagher Joseph G.SUI24996.5

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd7-GM Hoang(HUN)

Here is Hoang's rd7 game against Wojtaszek. 

Hoang defends with the active Leningrad Dutch but the ...Rc8 idea and follow up gave white a free hand to press the position. Eventually white prevailed with a nice opposite color bishop attack.

Wojtaszek,Radoslaw (2723) - Hoang,Thanh Trang (2469)
Dutch Leningrad[A87]
Tradewise Gibratar Chess Festival 2013  (7.17), 28.01.2013

Position 1
White has a better pawn structure but how to continue is a mystery. What do you suggest for white?

White to Play


Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd6-Fairbairn(CAN)

Here is Fairbairn's Rd6 game.

This was a mysterious game to analyze and understand as white loses without making an obvious mistake.

Fairbairn,Stephen (2021) - Vyparina,Matej (2305)
Schmidt Benoni[A43]
Tradewise Gibratar Chess Festival 2013(6.63), 27.01.2013

Position 1
The position seems harmless. Black wants to play ...b5 but for now, the queenside is under control. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


Tata Steel 2013 Rd8-GM Rapport(HUN)

Here is GM Rapport's Rd8 game against Smeets.

Smeets(l) playing Rapport(r) in rd8

Rapport,R (2621) - Smeets,J (2615) 
Semi-Slav 9.a3[D47]
75th Tata Steel GpB Wijk aan Zee NED (8.3), 20.01.2013

Position 1

White is well centralized and has two strong bishops. What do you suggest for black?

Black to Play


Tata Steel 2013 Rd5-GM Rapport(HUN)

Here GM Rapport's rd5 win over the veteran Tiviakov.

Rapport(l)  playing Tiviakov(r) in rd8

Tiviakov,S (2655) - Rapport,R (2621)
French 3.Nd2 Be7[C03]
75th Tata Steel GpB Wijk aan Zee NED (5.4), 17.01.2013

Position 1
Black would like to attack white on the queenside. What do you suggest?

Black to Play