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Monday, January 28, 2013

Gibraltar Tradewise 2013 Rd7 Standings-by Country

For more info see Gibraltarchesscongress 2013(All photos are from the nice gallery at the tournament website)

GM Hoang lost and stays at 4pts. Rudolf made another draw and now has 3/7.

GM Hoang

52GMHoang Thanh Trang2469HUN10104
91WGMRudolf Anna2312HUN½0½½3
214Lochte Szilvia1923HUN0½102.5

Piasetski and Fairbairn both drew.

93IMPiasetski Leon2310CAN½½½½3.5
185Fairbairn Stephen2021CAN1½0½3
209Agbabishvili Lali1954CAN00113

Kamsky and Ehlvest both won and have 6/7.

GM Ehlvest

2GMKamsky Gata2740USA1½116
22GMEhlvest Jaan2603USA½0½15
46IMZatonskih Anna2491USA110½4.5
189Hutton Jack2017USA10012.5
226Kang Leo J1814USA00113

Short is now the leading English player with 6/7. FM Lyell won his last 2 games and has moved up to 3/7.

GM Short-frequent visitor to Canada

10GMShort Nigel D2690ENG11116
3GMAdams Michael2725ENG½½1½5.5
17GMJones Gawain C B2632ENG½1½½5.5
34GMGordon Stephen J2533ENG10½½4.5
63IMHouska Jovanka2416ENG01½14.5
113FMStorey Charles H2245ENG0½114.5
121Spence David J2226ENG11½14.5
57IMZhou Yang-Fan2439ENG01½04
60IMTrent Lawrence2429ENG10104
99Chapman Terry P D2292ENG½01½4
73IMQuillan Gary2398ENG½0½½3.5
140Byron Alan M2167ENG011½3.5
149CMWalton Alan J2153ENG10½13.5
118FMLyell Mark2235ENG00113
130O`toole George E2204ENG½½113
136Jaunooby Ali R2178ENG01003
150Burrows Martin P2153ENG10103
162Cawley Paul F2113ENG010½3
184Hamer Martyn2025ENG01013
192Hackner Oskar A2015ENG01½½3
211Tranter Stephen1938ENG00½½3

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