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Monday, December 31, 2012

Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd9 Standings

Final Standings
IM Richard Wang is the new Canadian Junior Champion winning with 6.5/9. The tournament was fabulously organized by the Chess and Math Association.

IM Richard Wang

Larry Bevand(r) Executive Director of Chess and Math
(Many great pics)

1IMWang Richard2454CAN*½10½½11116.5
2Qin Zi Yi (joey)2449CAN½*½1½10½116
3FMKleinman Michael2368CAN0½*½½1½1½15.5
4Preotu Razvan2300CAN10½*½½½½½15
FMJiang Louie2406CAN½½½½*01½1½5
6FMSapozhnikov Roman2440CAN½00½1*½½014
7Kraiouchkine Nikita2351CAN01½½0½*0½½3.5
8Song Michael2322CAN0½0½½½1*½03.5
9Szalay Karoly2392CAN00½½01½½*½3.5
10Chiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta2187CAN0000½0½1½*2.5

Here is his rd8 game against FM Kleinman,M.

Classical Pirc[B08]
2012–13 Canadian Junior Chess Champions Toronto(8),26.12.2012

Position 1
Black is in a bad way.Bh8 is locked out by white's pawn chain and Bd7 is restricted by black's own pawn chain. How should white continue?

White to Play


Hastings 2012-13 Rd4 Standings(Partial)

Rd4 Standings Hastingschess
There is a 4-way tie for first with 3.5/4.  IM Panjwani, Raja(CAN) has 2.5/4.

IM Panjwani, Raja(CAN)

1GM Sulskis, Sarunas3.5LTUM½111
2GM Vocaturo, Daniele3.5ITAM1½11
3GM Alsina Leal, Daniel3.5ESPM1½11
4Duff, Rufus3.5ENGM½111
5GM Jones, Gawain C B3ENGM1½1½
6GM Sumets, Andrey3UKRM1011
7GM Kulaots, Kaido3ESTM11½½
8GM Vovk, Andrey3UKRM=1½1
9GM Pert, Nicholas3ENGM1½1½
10IM Gretarsson, Hjorvar Steinn3ISLM11½=
11GM Williams, Simon K3ENGM==11
12GM Flear, Glenn C3ENGM11½½
13GM Arkell, Keith C3ENGM11½½
14IM Gao, Rui3CHNM1½½1
15IM Kjartansson, Gudmundur3ISLM11½½
16IM Farid, Firman Syah3INAM=½11
17IM Rudd, Jack3ENGM0111
18IM Hawkins, Jonathan2.5ENGM11½0
19IM Hamitevici, Vladimir2.5MDAM011½
20IM Panjwani, Raja2.5CANM+½01
21FM Ashton, Adam G2.5ENGM101½
22IM Knott, Simon J B2.5ENGM0½11
23FM Haydon, David L2.5ENGM0½11
24IM Prosviriakov, Vladimir2.5USAM011½
25WIM Sihite, Chelsie Monica2.5INAF=½½1
26FM Eames, Robert S2.5ENGM½101
27Kirk, Ezra2.5ENGM½101
28FM Furman, Boris2.5RUSM0½11
29Talsma, Paul2.5NEDM0½11
30Jaunooby, Ali R2.5ENGM011½
31Byron, Alan M2.5ENGM==1½
32Rayner, Francis2.5WLSM011½
33McKenna, Jason P2.5ENGM1½10

Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd8 Standings and Results

Richard Wang has the sole lead with 6/8.

1IMWang Richard2454*½10½11116
2Qin Zi Yi (joey)2449½*1½10½115.5
3FMKleinman Michael23680*½½1½1½15
4Preotu Razvan230010½*½½½½14.5
5FMJiang Louie2406½½½*01½1½4.5
6FMSapozhnikov Roman2440½00½1*½½03
7Kraiouchkine Nikita235101½0½*0½½3
8Song Michael23220½0½½½1*03
9Szalay Karoly239200½½01½*½3
10Chiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta21870000½½1½*2.5

Results Rd8
In a rather odd round, all games were decisive.

Michael Song
Photo Cjcc

2454Richard Wang1-0Michael Kleinman2368
2449Joey Qin1-0Karoly Szalay2392
2322Michael Song1-0Nikita Kraiouchkine2351
2300Razvan Preotu1-0Olivier-Kenta Chiku-Ratté2187
2440Roman Sapozhnikov1-0Louie Jiang2406

Budapest Xmas Open 2012 Rd7 Pics

Here are more pics all taken by Thomas Heyl(Thanks!).

                 Koltai, Dora(l)-Ronyai, Imre(r)            

 Kelemen, Lajos Dr.- Revesz, Hunor(r)

Victor Csabai(l) playing Gubics(r)

Marosi, Levente(l) playing Kiss,Peter(r)
Game was eventually drawn

 Csurgo, Jozsef (l) playing  Bolyai, Istvan(r)        

Szurkos, Andras(l) vs Lakat,G(r) concentrating hard

Trinidad and Tobago Ch 2012

FIDE Master Frank Yee and Woman National Master Aditi Soondarsingh were the top male and female chess players for the year after capturing the national championship titles in November.

Aditi Soondarsingh

Womens Ch
Aditi, an engineering student at UTT (University of T&T), was the most outstanding local female player at the World Chess Olympiad, where she played on boards one and two, scoring four wins. It was on the top board that she scored one of the biggest wins of her career, defeating Woman International Master (WIM) Iman Al-Rufaye of Iraq.

In the process, Soondarsingh (A) became the first T&T female to beat a WIM. She followed this up with a successful defence of her national women's title, playing unbeaten among the ten finalists for her eighth lien on the national crown. Javanna Smith placed second with Jane Kennedy third.

Among the juniors, Joshua Johnson was easily the most outstanding male. He had little difficulty winning the National Under-14 title, and sprang a surprise to win the National Junior/Under-20 title from favourite Vishnu Singh, who placed second, and Jayson Paul, who finished third.

Johnson then qualified for the national finals, where he again surprised many to place fourth among the seniors. Johnson won the Under-16 category in the inaugural CARIFTA tournament over the Easter weekend, and claimed a silver medal at the December 13-16 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Junior Chess Championships in Puerto Rico.

Among the girls, National Under-10 Girls champion Shemilah James snatched the number one spot at the last minute by grabbing gold for T&T at the CAC Championships. James, who was accompanied by her coach Bhisham Soondarsingh, won the Under-10 Girls category. She finished on 4.5 points, with a notable draw against Candidate Master (CM) Christopher Vazquez of Puerto Rico among her results.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Schachfestival Erfurt 2012 Final Standings

Final Standings
IM-elect Hambleton(CAN) shared first in a 9-way tie.

Hambleton in a fundraising simul

1GMZubarev AlexanderUKR25946
2GMJaracz PawelPOL25486
3GMKasparov SergeyBLR24756
4Lubbe NikolasGER24066
IMSeger RüdigerGER23906
6IMKöpke ChristianGER23596
7FMHambleton AmanCAN24226
8FMDucarmon QuintenNED24026
9GMSlobodjan RomanGER25296
10FMMichna ChristianGER22795.5
11FMMüller MichaelGER22395.5
12GMPetr MartinCZE25215.5
13IMThinius MarcoGER23555.5
14FMHess ChristianGER22695.5
15IMLammers MarkusGER23715.5
16Hilverda AlexanderGER23255.5

Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd6 Game

Here is an attacking game by IM Richard Wang from Rd6 of the Canadian Jr Ch.

Zukertort(l) playing Steinitz(r) in the World Ch 1886
Photo Chessbase

Wang,Richard (2454)- Szalay,Karoly(2392)
2012–13 Canadian Junior Chess Championship Toronto (6), 26.12.2012
The Zukertort System claims another victim.

Position 1
The roles are clear in the middlegame reached. White is attacking and black is defending. How should white continue?

White to Play


Position 2
White has broken through on the kingside. How should white continue the attack?

White to Play


CANBASE Updated(104,499 Games)

Canbase II Canbase
This valuable record of Canadian chess is the ongoing work of Hugh Brodie who works tirelessly on this project.

Hugh Brodie

Archive of Canadian games - Archive des parties canadiennes
Last update - Dernière mise à jour : 2013.01.01
Now 104,499 games

Groningen 2012 Final Standings

Final Standings
GM Andriasian, Zaven(ARM) and GM Kovchan, Alexander(UKR) shared first with 7/9. GM Hansen,E(CAN) shared 2nd with 6.5/9 winning his last 2 games.
Piasetski,L(CAN) finished with 4/9. Lyell(ENG) got 4.5/9.

1GM Andriasian, Zaven7ARMM260526790.83½½
2GM Kovchan, Alexander7UKRM257926660.96½1
3GM Ernst, Sipke7NEDM256226901.44½1
4GM Kampen van, Robin6.5NEDM257026170.741½
5IM Pancevski, Filip6.5MKDM251225820.780+
6IM Hansen, Eric6.5CANM25392497-0.3311
7GM Michalik, Peter6SVKM250825921.06½0
8GM Gormally, Daniel W6ENGM249525240.5210
9IM Hovhanisian, Mher6ARMM247725260.71½½
10IM Bok, Benjamin6NEDM252225470.36½½
11IM Das, Arghyadip6INDM247625060.5½½
12IM Hausrath, Daniel6GERM248325260.6½½
13IM Roy Chowdhury, Saptarshi6INDM244125331.2201
14GM Barua, Dibyendu6INDM241025381.5601
15GM Deviatkin, Andrei6RUSM25692495-0.5910
16FM Drozdowski, Kacper6POLM242624750.611½
17IM Donchenko, Alexander6GERM240123900.0111
18IM Matnadze, Ana6ESPF240123970.1211
19IM Naroditsky, Daniel5.5USAM24832459-0.151½
20IM Breder, Dennis5.5GERM243824660.411-
21Maris, Ivo5.5NEDM208624724.14½1
22FM Schoorl, Rob5.5NEDM236623610.071½
23GM Brunello, Sabino5.5ITAM25832402-1.791½
24IM Pacher, Milan5.5SVKM24362347-0.9201
25Majhi, Ankit5.5NEDM198422632.7811

Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd7 Standings

Standings Rd7
IM Wang and FM Kleinman share the lead with 5/7.

Szalay Karoly
Photo Cjcc 2012

1IMWang Richard2454*½01111½5
2FMKleinman Michael2368*½½½½1115
3FMJiang Louie2406½*½½11½½4.5
4Qin Zi Yi (joey)2449½½*101½14.5
5Preotu Razvan23001½½0*½½½3.5
6Kraiouchkine Nikita23510½01*½½½3
7Szalay Karoly23920½0½½*½13
8Chiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta218700½0½½*12.5
9Song Michael232200½½½0*½2
10FMSapozhnikov Roman2440½00½½0½*2

Budapest Xmas Open 2012

Final Standings
Mihalka, Zsolt took clear first as the top seeds dominated. I had the worst tournament of the year since January but managed to win both games on the last day to finish with 4/7.

1Mihalka, Zsolt6218323491.27
2Dombai, Istvan5.5218322480.59
Bodi, Tibor5.5204621791.25
Gubics, Peter5.5212721600.43
5Mester, Attila5212821500.33
Nemeth, Miklos5209521180.38
7Marosi, Levente4.5203320700.51
Medve, Mark4.5197220590.99
Bodrogi, Laszlo4.5205920490.07
Csabai, Viktor4.520241984-0.07
Bartuszek, Andras4.5188719961.16
Czibulka, Zoltan Dr.4.520531944-0.65
Krstulovic, Alex4.5184519441.07
14Balogh, Lajos4198919730
Kiss, Peter420201962-0.39
Szurkos, Andras418051770-0.23
Lakat, Gyula418851832-0.27
Yip, Michael420741812-1.92
Toth, Laszlo4163117991.23
Krizsany, Laszlo Sr.4186318730.27
Kovacs, Miklos4152724572.23
22Palla, Akos Botond3.519661906-0.44
Szlenka, Attila3.5178518240.24
Karacsonyi, Gellert3.5151418062.31
Banhidi, Ferenc3.517831776-0.21
Bolyai, Istvan3.520181811-1.64
Csurgo, Jozsef3.5175017470.01
Koltai, Daniel3.5150317502.02
29Szendeff, Miklos3177018460.36
Abraham, Lajos318271612-1.62
Kelemen, Lajos Dr.3143915911.11
Toth, Antal3157817310.76
Budai, Istvan316831568-0.82
Nemes Nagy, Peter3151515660.26
35Papp, Laszlo2.518151561-1.86
Czimer, Jozsef2.517451722-0.36
Viola, Gellert2.5017241724
Kalman, Tamas2.515751457-1.01
Kovacsy, Barnabas2.515381510-0.27
Revesz, Mariusz2.516231367-2.03
Bella, Zsolt2.5140115290.82
42Zsatkovics, Endre217271504-2.13
Wallis, Janos2013211321
Viola, Arpad Dr.2015271527
Horvath, Zoltan215191519-0.18
Revesz, Hunor213861261-1.01
47Ronyai, Imre1.516401479-1.16
Koltai, Dora1.5012191219
49Karacsonyi, Kata1126312990.08
50Bayer, Jozsef Dr.01700782-1.48

Here is my tough Rd7 win against Szendeff,M where I eventually won on time.

Yip(standing) checking out the game beside

Yip(standing) checking out the position as Szendeff,M is thinking in rd7
Photos Thomas Heyl(Thanks!)

Philidor Queenless Game[B07]
Xmas Open (7), 30.12.2012

Position 1
Black has won a pawn but it's doubled and is attacking another(a4). White has the bishop pair and no obvious threats. What should black do now?
-19...Nbd7 and occupy e5 immediately
-Something else

Black to Play


Position 2
The game is going roughly as planned with black fighting for key dark squares, especially e5. How should black continue?

Black to Play


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Budapest Xmas Open 2012 Rd5 Pics

Here are some pics of rd5 taken by Thomas Heyl(Thanks!). Athough the games are taken seriously, the atmosphere is very friendly. Most of the players are regulars who I have played over and over for the last few years so everyone knows everyone.

There are a few keen players with laptops doing serious preparations between games. Now players are starting to catch onto the blog too.

Bodrogi,L(left) playing Medve,Mark(right)

Bodrogi,L(left) playing Medve,Mark(right)

The hard working Chief Arbiter Tamás Gyömbér
 and Kata Karacsonyi

Victor Csabai(left) playing Karacsonyi,Gellert(right)

Victor Csabai(left) playing Karacsonyi, Gellert(right)

Lakat,Gyula(left) playing Czimer,Josef(right)

Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd5

Rd 5 Standings Cjcc
Kleinman is in the sole lead with 4/5.


Joey Qin2263½11½----½3 ½
Michael Song2177½½½----001 ½
Razvan Preotu21090½----½½12 ½
Roman SapozhnikovFM23340½---½00-1
Louie JiangFM2328½---½11½-3 ½
Olivier-Kenta Chiku-Ratté2064----½½½001 ½
Nikita Kraiouchkine2245---½0½½-01 ½
Karoly Szalay2159--½10½½--2 ½
Michael KleinmanFM2307-1½1½1---4
Richard WangIM2370½10--11--3 ½

Schachfestival Erfurt 2012 Rd7(Partial Standings)

Rd7 chess-results
IM Hambleton(CAN) has 5/7, only half a point behind the leading group of 5 with 5.5/7.

1GMJaracz PawelPOL25485.5
2GMZubarev AlexanderUKR25945.5
3Lubbe NikolasGER24065.5
4IMSeger RüdigerGER23905.5
IMKöpke ChristianGER23595.5
6GMSlobodjan RomanGER25295
FMDucarmon QuintenNED24025
IMHetey Laszlo Dr.GER23735
9FMHambleton AmanCAN24225
10Skibbe WilliGER22515
11FMMichna ChristianGER22795
12FMMüller MichaelGER22395
13GMTischbierek RajGER24725

Groningen 2012 Rd8(Partial Standings)

Rd8 Standings
GM Andriasian, Zaven reamains at the top with 6.5/8. GM Hansen,E(CAN) won and has 5.5/8. IM Piasetski(CAN) stays at 3/8. Budapest resident FM Lyell, Mark(ENG) has 3.5/8.

 FM Lyell, Mark(ENG)

1GM Andriasian, Zaven6.5ARM26051½
2GM Kovchan, Alexander6UKR2579½½
3GM Kampen van, Robin6NED2570½1
4GM Deviatkin, Andrei6RUS2569½1
5GM Ernst, Sipke6NED2562½½
6GM Michalik, Peter6SVK2508½½
7GM Gormally, Daniel W6ENG249511
8IM Hansen, Eric5.5CAN2539½1
9IM Bok, Benjamin5.5NED25220½
10IM Pancevski, Filip5.5MKD2512½0
11IM Hausrath, Daniel5.5GER24831½
12IM Hovhanisian, Mher5.5ARM24771½
13IM Das, Arghyadip5.5IND24761½
14IM Breder, Dennis5.5GER2438½1
15FM Drozdowski, Kacper5.5POL242611
16GM Brunello, Sabino5ITA2583½1
17IM Naroditsky, Daniel5USA248311
18IM Roy Chowdhury, Saptarshi5IND244110
19GM Barua, Dibyendu5IND241010
20IM Donchenko, Alexander5GER240101
21IM Matnadze, Ana5ESP2401½1
22IM Arslanov, Shamil5RUS2386½1
23FM Schoorl, Rob5NED236611
24WGM Mammadova, Gulnar5AZE2363½1
25Overdam van, Julian5NED226810
26FM Beukema, Stefan5BEL226201
27IM Plat, Vojtech4.5CZE24830½
28IM Pacher, Milan4.5SVK243610
29IM Wallace, John Paul4.5AUS239810
30IM Baghdasaryan, Vahe4.5ARM23880½
31IM Estremera Panos, Sergio4.5ESP236711
32FM Eggleston, David4.5ENG23521½
33FM Pel, Bonno4.5NED228801
34Mostertman, Milan4.5NED225001
35Maatman, Nick4.5NED2167½½
36Maris, Ivo4.5NED20861½
37Majhi, Ankit4.5NED198411
38IM Burg, Twan4NED249800
39IM Nestorovic, Nikola4SRB242910
40IM Assendelft van, Floris4NED2403½1
41FM Goudriaan, Etienne4NED2366½1
42IM Berkovich, Mark4ISR235910
43Pijpers, Arthur4NED235100
44IM Afek, Yochanan4ISR23110½
45Ben Artzi, Ido4ISR229710
46WGM Calzetta Ruiz, Monica4ESP228611
47WGM Mamedjarova, Turkan4AZE2277½0
48WIM Umudova, Nargiz4AZE222011
49FM Vogel, Jaap4NED216601
50Overdam van, Jan4NED215701
51Jacobs, Florian4NED2151½1
52Basencyan, Mark4ARM211210
53Dehn, Marcus4GER210500
54Osch van, Mees4NED209001
55Henseler, Jorgen4NED2076½1
56IM Jong de, Migchiel3.5NED2372½0
57FM Heemskerk, Wim3.5NED2253½0
58Kuling, Lody3.5NED224601
59Kerigan, Demre3.5TUR2233½0
60FM Lyell, Mark3.5ENG2226½½
61Bosker, Peter3.5NED217000
62Brookes, Christopher3.5NED216311
63Ypma, Peter3.5NED2157½0
64WFM Grigoryan, Meri3.5ENG20251½
65IJzermans, Gijs3.5NED19661-
66IM Piasetski, Leon3CAN231000
67FM Duijker, Rick3NED224200
68Ruiter de, Danny3NED22260½
69Go, Benjamin3NED216810
70Lee, Kai Jie Edward3SIN216500
71Knol, Geon3NED2160½1
72Schoehuijs, Erik3NED216000
73Meijenfeldt von, Bart3NED215510
74Sparenberg, Erik3NED2114½1
75CM Theulings, Paul-Peter3NED21050½
76WIM Dhar-Barua, Saheli3IND209110
77Dijkhuis, Tycho3NED206201
78Vereggen, Lars3NED205911
79Foreest van, Lucas3NED200301