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Monday, December 31, 2012

Canadian Jr Ch 2012 Rd8 Standings and Results

Richard Wang has the sole lead with 6/8.

1IMWang Richard2454*½10½11116
2Qin Zi Yi (joey)2449½*1½10½115.5
3FMKleinman Michael23680*½½1½1½15
4Preotu Razvan230010½*½½½½14.5
5FMJiang Louie2406½½½*01½1½4.5
6FMSapozhnikov Roman2440½00½1*½½03
7Kraiouchkine Nikita235101½0½*0½½3
8Song Michael23220½0½½½1*03
9Szalay Karoly239200½½01½*½3
10Chiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta21870000½½1½*2.5

Results Rd8
In a rather odd round, all games were decisive.

Michael Song
Photo Cjcc

2454Richard Wang1-0Michael Kleinman2368
2449Joey Qin1-0Karoly Szalay2392
2322Michael Song1-0Nikita Kraiouchkine2351
2300Razvan Preotu1-0Olivier-Kenta Chiku-Ratté2187
2440Roman Sapozhnikov1-0Louie Jiang2406

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