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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas Open(BP) Rd1

50 players are in this 7-round 90/game open. The field is limited to U2200s but is very strong. There will be pictures later I am promised.

Rd1 Standings

11Dombai, Istvan121832518
2Mihalka, Zsolt121832518
3Mester, Attila121282485
5Nemeth, Miklos120952462
6Yip, Michael120742418
7Bodrogi, Laszlo120592394
8Czibulka, Zoltan Dr.120532388
9Bodi, Tibor120462381
10Marosi, Levente120332368
11Csabai, Viktor120242359
12Kiss, Peter120202355
13Bolyai, Istvan120182353
14Balogh, Lajos119892324
15Medve, Mark119722307
16Palla, Akos Botond119662301
17Bartuszek, Andras118872222
18Lakat, Gyula118852220
19Krizsany, Laszlo Sr.118632198
20Krstulovic, Alex118452180
21Abraham, Lajos11827-
22Papp, Laszlo11815-
23Szurkos, Andras11805-
24Szlenka, Attila11785-
244Gubics, Peter0.521271745
28Czimer, Jozsef0.517452127
2625Banhidi, Ferenc017831448
26Szendeff, Miklos017701435
27Csurgo, Jozsef017501393
29Zsatkovics, Endre017271360
30Bayer, Jozsef Dr.01700-
31Budai, Istvan016831339
32Ronyai, Imre016401305
33Toth, Laszlo016311296
34Revesz, Mariusz016231288
35Toth, Antal015781243
36Kalman, Tamas015751240
37Kovacsy, Barnabas015381203
38Kovacs, Miklos01527-
39Horvath, Zoltan015191184
40Nemes Nagy, Peter015151180
41Karacsonyi, Gellert015141179
42Koltai, Daniel015031168
43Kelemen, Lajos Dr.014391104
44Bella, Zsolt014011066
45Revesz, Hunor013861051
46Karacsonyi, Kata01263928
47Koltai, Dora001092
48Viola, Arpad Dr.001080
49Viola, Gellert001070
50Wallis, Janos001050

Here's my rd1 effort

I had a very strong game early and won a clear exchange for nothing. Then I fell asleep and made problems for myself.

Philidor 4.d5[B07]
Xmas Open (1), 27.12.2012

Position 1
White has compensation for the exchange. But now what?

White to Play


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