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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kobanya Open 2012-12 Rd6

Kiss,Peter won with 5.5/6 after grinding down the top seed in a long endinging(Exchange Spanish I think). Polyik, Peter  and Pasztor, Flora also did very well. Peter was up 3 clear pawns in a completely winning position before conceding a draw in a rook ending.

Here are the final Rd6 standings.

1Kiss, Peter5.5202022051.04
2Polyik, Peter5183520481.38
3Piroska, Istvan4.520902030-0.29
Sulcz, Istvan4.5189519340.39
Szurkos, Andras4.5180520341.18
Valis, Janos4.520601989-0.38
Yip, Michael4.520741895-0.82
Pasztor, Flora Katinka4.5171018980.83
9Bartuszek, Andras418871790-0.53
Szlenka, Attila4178517760.03
Krizsany, Laszlo Sr.418631685-1.07
Palczert, Miklos Dr.418391750-0.46
Karacsonyi, Gellert4151418261.88
14Szoukup, Istvan3.5169618310.88
Fodor, Peter3.518511783-0.28
Granicz, Janos3.518841850-0.11
Fabian, Csaba3.518671781-0.51
Tubak, Daniel3.5163518541.38
Lakat, Gyula3.518851692-1.23
Csermely, Zoltan3.5164217650.77
Szendeff, Miklos3.517701657-0.61
Pasztor, Peter3.5016730.5
Nebenfuhrer, Gyorgy3.516591543-0.36
24Juhasz, Kristof3158418611.92
Czimer, Jozsef317451055-1.34
Muranyi, Geza317171655-0.08
Kovacs, Gabor Etele3144416901.27
Kapuszta, Csaba317411522-1.09
Kalocsai, Laszlo31601963-1.17
Palczert, Botond3125414480.65
Jakabo, Judit Dr.3014491449
Jancso, Geza315511060-0.68
Revesz, Hunor3138616560.65
34Horvath, Zoltan2.515191065-0.52
Kocsis, Zsolt Gyula2.517711645-0.86
Albu, Ferenc2.517731649-0.84
Czumbel, Peter2.5151716610.49
Fodor, Kornel2.5014461446
Pasztor, Daniel2.514981074-0.47
40Racz, Gabor2014091409
Fabian, Laszlo215951457-0.97
Koltai, Daniel2150315490.17
Albu, Mihaly2015281528
Karacsonyi, Kata2126313780.45
Bangha, Otto Peter2014591459
Bolgar, Katica20834834
Revesz, Mariusz2162319980.1
Terjek, Agota21299964-0.08
49Hegedus, Dominik1.5014511451
Bolgar, Janka1.51393920-0.41
51Kalvach, Gabor1013871387
Viola, Gellert1015251525
Xiao Hu, Chen1012151215
Toth, Peter10703703
Kolozsvary, Miklos11378952-0.3
56Hegedus, Luca0.5010741074

I won my last two games to finish with 4.5/6 but I could not recover from my rd1 loss and my rd2 pairing was with an unrated players that was the end of my tournament effectively.

The playing hall
Photo-Mr. Bolgar(Thanks!)

Here is my Rd6 game.
Warning!!-Horrible blunders(I gave away a rook then my opponent drops his queen back to me).

Yip,M (2075) - Fabian,C (1867)
Kobanya Open (6), 16.12.2012

Position 1
Black's position looks suspicious. Qh6 is out of play, the dark squares are soft and overall black is passive. What should white do?
  • Build slowly?
  • Exploit Qh6
  • Press the queenside?
  • Something else?

White to Play


Position 2
Black has just attacked the knight. What should white do?

White to Play


Position 3
The position has turned sharp as black has just made the central break 29...e5. What should white do?

White to Play


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