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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Budapest TCh 2012 Div III Rd5

Here is a game by my teammate FM Mihok who usually plays on the top team RAC I but this week was top board for RAC 2.

Mihok is a retired engineer by profession now spending his time teaching chess. He is one of the legions of strong club level players in Budapest that I do battle with regularly as part of my Hungarian chess education.

Falucskai,I (1916) - Mihok,L (2141)
Evans Gambit Accepted[C51]
BTCh III (5.1), 09.12.2012

Critical Position
The pawn count is equal but black has the clearly better pawn structure. White is planning f4 and then Nf3 when black's forces will be driven back.

What is black's plan? What do you suggest for black?
-Complete development and squeeze white in the ending
-The kingside looks barren. The correct plan is attack on the kingside
-Something else

Black to Play


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