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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Budapest Xmas Open 2012

Final Standings
Mihalka, Zsolt took clear first as the top seeds dominated. I had the worst tournament of the year since January but managed to win both games on the last day to finish with 4/7.

1Mihalka, Zsolt6218323491.27
2Dombai, Istvan5.5218322480.59
Bodi, Tibor5.5204621791.25
Gubics, Peter5.5212721600.43
5Mester, Attila5212821500.33
Nemeth, Miklos5209521180.38
7Marosi, Levente4.5203320700.51
Medve, Mark4.5197220590.99
Bodrogi, Laszlo4.5205920490.07
Csabai, Viktor4.520241984-0.07
Bartuszek, Andras4.5188719961.16
Czibulka, Zoltan Dr.4.520531944-0.65
Krstulovic, Alex4.5184519441.07
14Balogh, Lajos4198919730
Kiss, Peter420201962-0.39
Szurkos, Andras418051770-0.23
Lakat, Gyula418851832-0.27
Yip, Michael420741812-1.92
Toth, Laszlo4163117991.23
Krizsany, Laszlo Sr.4186318730.27
Kovacs, Miklos4152724572.23
22Palla, Akos Botond3.519661906-0.44
Szlenka, Attila3.5178518240.24
Karacsonyi, Gellert3.5151418062.31
Banhidi, Ferenc3.517831776-0.21
Bolyai, Istvan3.520181811-1.64
Csurgo, Jozsef3.5175017470.01
Koltai, Daniel3.5150317502.02
29Szendeff, Miklos3177018460.36
Abraham, Lajos318271612-1.62
Kelemen, Lajos Dr.3143915911.11
Toth, Antal3157817310.76
Budai, Istvan316831568-0.82
Nemes Nagy, Peter3151515660.26
35Papp, Laszlo2.518151561-1.86
Czimer, Jozsef2.517451722-0.36
Viola, Gellert2.5017241724
Kalman, Tamas2.515751457-1.01
Kovacsy, Barnabas2.515381510-0.27
Revesz, Mariusz2.516231367-2.03
Bella, Zsolt2.5140115290.82
42Zsatkovics, Endre217271504-2.13
Wallis, Janos2013211321
Viola, Arpad Dr.2015271527
Horvath, Zoltan215191519-0.18
Revesz, Hunor213861261-1.01
47Ronyai, Imre1.516401479-1.16
Koltai, Dora1.5012191219
49Karacsonyi, Kata1126312990.08
50Bayer, Jozsef Dr.01700782-1.48

Here is my tough Rd7 win against Szendeff,M where I eventually won on time.

Yip(standing) checking out the game beside

Yip(standing) checking out the position as Szendeff,M is thinking in rd7
Photos Thomas Heyl(Thanks!)

Philidor Queenless Game[B07]
Xmas Open (7), 30.12.2012

Position 1
Black has won a pawn but it's doubled and is attacking another(a4). White has the bishop pair and no obvious threats. What should black do now?
-19...Nbd7 and occupy e5 immediately
-Something else

Black to Play


Position 2
The game is going roughly as planned with black fighting for key dark squares, especially e5. How should black continue?

Black to Play


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