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Friday, May 31, 2013

French Winawer Review 2013-05

A review of 7 recent games in the French Winawer. Material should be useful to French Defence and/or 1.e4 players. Most games come with  videos.

For example: More About Poland
Gdańsk is Poland's principal seaport as well as the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is also historically the largest city of the Kashubian region. 

Game 1
Robson,R (2620) - Shulman,Y (2570)
FR Winawer 4.ed ed[C15]
ch-USA 2013 Saint Louis USA (6), 09.05.2013

Game 2
Vocaturo,D (2511) - Bruno,Fabi (2428)
FR Winawer 4..b6[C16]
45th Italian Teams 2013 Bratto ITA (2), 28.04.2013

Game 3
Hector,J (2512) - Berg,E (2561)
FR Winawer 4.e5 c5 5.Bd2 [C17]
21st Sigeman & Co Malmo SWE (3.2), 24.05.2013

Game 4
This brilliant positional game is my favorite.

IM Artemiev(left)

Aravindh,Chithambaram VR (2328) - Artemiev,V (2524)
FR Winawer 6…Qa5[C18]
The Black Queen Blues Variation
Somov Memorial 2013 Kirishi RUS (6.4), 13.05.2013

Game 5
Franklin,S (2322) - Pert,N (2557)
FR Winawer Poisoned Pawn 12..d4[C19]
4NCL 2012–13 Hinckley ENG (10.116), 05.05.2013

Game 6
Tazbir,M (2555) - Socko,B (2651)
FR Winawer 7.h4 [C19]
ch-POL 2013 Chorzow POL (6.4), 18.04.2013

Game 7
Bartel,Mat (2619) - Socko,B (2651)
FR Winawer 7.a4[C19]

ch-POL 2013 Chorzow POL (8.1), 20.04.2013

Zalakaros Open 2013 Rd9 Final Standings-GM Gonda(HUN)

Final Standings
GM Gonda took clear first with 7/9. Kozak, Adam had a great result with 5/9.

Some background-Hungarian players in action.

1GMGonda LaszloHUN25247
2GMMedvegy ZoltanHUN25526.5
3GMBerczes DavidHUN25326.5
4IMNemeth MiklosHUN24506.5
5IMNagy GaborHUN24396.5
6FMKilgus GeorgAUT24186
7GMBanusz TamasHUN25926
8GMHorvath AdamHUN25286
9GMBoros DenesHUN24986
10 Havasi GergoHUN20406
11IMAlmasi IstvanHUN23896
12GMVarga ZoltanHUN24706
13GMCzebe AttilaHUN24905.5
14FMGledura BenjaminHUN24215.5
15IMMeszaros TamasHUN24155.5
16 Takacs BalazsHUN23345.5
17FMTesik CsabaHUN23515.5
18 Kozak AdamHUN20925
19GMLechtynsky JiriCZE23615
20FMRadnai AdamHUN22635
21WGMPapp PetraHUN23075
22 Zsirai PeterHUN21995
23FMPasztor FerencHUN22195
24 Havanecz BiankaHUN21215
25IMBokros AlbertHUN24595
26FMBozinovic BogdanCRO22105
27IMVegh EndreHUN23024.5
28IMIanov ViktorUKR23274.5
29 Varga MelindaHUN22134.5
30 Peczely Sebastian ZsomborHUN21474.5
31FMCsala ImreHUN21804.5
32 Marosi LeventeHUN20354.5
33FMCsonka BalazsHUN23544.5
34IMBorsos BogdanUKR22704
35 Juhasz ArminHUN21984
36IMRigo JanosHUN22874
37FMVeleski RobertMKD22624
38IMKernazhitsky LeonidUKR23054
39FMFrink FerencHUN21364
40FMSuto GaborHUN21934
41FMKincs ImreHUN21844
42 Secheres Adrian-SimionROU21304
43FMWukits ReneAUT22924
44 Srebrnic VojkoSLO21763.5
45 Kende Gyorgy Dr.HUN21713.5
46 Erdos BoglarkaHUN22253.5
47 Friml AntoninCZE21243.5
48FMJuhasz KristofHUN23453.5
49FMVukovic IvoCRO21703
50 Bereczki JanosHUN21803
51FMHrbolka LadislavCZE21333
52 Jentsch DieterGER21733
53 Piroska IstvanHUN21273
54 Vrchotka JosefCZE20013
55WFMMedvegyne Balogh EmeseHUN20523
56 Sonnberger ThomasAUT21262.5
57 Stifter EwaldAUT20132
58 Razsits GezaHUN19952
59 Bella ZsoltHUN14021
60IMMajeric ZoranCRO22790
 FMKragelj IgorSLO21810

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Polgar Sisters Interview(Video)

From Las Vegas
A question-and-answer session with the Polgar Family, and a bonus lecture by Susan on chess principles, tactics and combinations.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Salento Open Gallipoli Rd2-GM Horvath Cs(HUN)

More about Gallipoli
The feature game was played in the Salento Open hosted in Gallipoli. Here is some background on this coastal town

TWIC 968
GM Horvath used the bishop pair and a central break the Classical Dutch in rd2.

Horvath,Cs1 (2516) - Caruso,Au (2272) 
Dutch Classical 7.b3 Nc6[A96]
2nd Salento Open Gallipoli ITA (2), 26.05.2013

Position 1
Black is under pressure from white's well coordinated pieces. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play

Chess & Bridge(UK)-Shop with 3-D Viewer(!)

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Fully interactive 3D view - use the arrows in the middle of the screen to move about the store, click the mouse and move it to change your view and zoom in on any set or book on our shelves using your mouse scoller or buttons on the top left - enjoy browsing!

Check out the cool store browsing feature. I have never seen anything like this before. 

Polgar Chess Festival 2012

The annual Polgar Chess Festival, in its sixth edition by now, has firmly established itself as a very prestigious social event, where celebrities, athletes, artists, scientists, businessmen, politicians and most importantly children like to participate and have fun for an entire day. 

The EU Youth Talents vs Judit Polgar simul , the world's N°1 female chess player, as an ambassador of Chess in School program adopted by the European Parliament, gave a 27 board simul to children representing the 27 nations of the EU. 

The event also served as a promotion of the European Year for Solidarity between Generations by implementing the Generations Chess Clash into the program. 

The Polgar Chess Day provided meaningful programs for three generations sharing the same passion, from 4 years old kids to 99 years old chess enthusiasts, to grandchildren, grandparents and parents.

Zalakaros Open 2013 Rd7 Standings

Standings from Chess Rresults
Nemeth, Miklos is in clear first with 6/7.

Some background from the 2010 event.

1IMNemeth MiklosHUN24506
2GMBerczes DavidHUN25325.5
3GMGonda LaszloHUN25245.5
4GMMedvegy ZoltanHUN25525
5GMBanusz TamasHUN25925
6GMCzebe AttilaHUN24905
7IMNagy GaborHUN24395
8IMAlmasi IstvanHUN23895
9FMKilgus GeorgAUT24184.5
10GMBoros DenesHUN24984.5
11GMHorvath AdamHUN25284.5
12IMIanov ViktorUKR23274.5
13IMMeszaros TamasHUN24154.5
14Takacs BalazsHUN23344.5
15Kozak AdamHUN20924.5
16Havasi GergoHUN20404.5
17GMLechtynsky JiriCZE23614
18FMGledura BenjaminHUN24214
19FMRadnai AdamHUN22634
20Peczely Sebastian ZsomborHUN21474
21GMVarga ZoltanHUN24704
22FMVeleski RobertMKD22624
23WGMPapp PetraHUN23074
24IMBokros AlbertHUN24594
25Varga MelindaHUN22134
26FMBozinovic BogdanCRO22104
27IMBorsos BogdanUKR22703.5
28IMVegh EndreHUN23023.5
29Juhasz ArminHUN21983.5
30FMPasztor FerencHUN22193.5
31Zsirai PeterHUN21993.5
32FMTesik CsabaHUN23513.5
33Srebrnic VojkoSLO21763.5
34FMFrink FerencHUN21363.5
35FMCsonka BalazsHUN23543.5
36IMRigo JanosHUN22873
37Havanecz BiankaHUN21213
38FMSuto GaborHUN21933
39IMKernazhitsky LeonidUKR23053
40FMWukits ReneAUT22923
41FMKincs ImreHUN21843
42Kende Gyorgy Dr.HUN21713
43Erdos BoglarkaHUN22253
44FMJuhasz KristofHUN23453
45FMCsala ImreHUN21802.5
46Secheres Adrian-SimionROU21302.5
47Marosi LeventeHUN20352.5
48Sonnberger ThomasAUT21262.5
49FMVukovic IvoCRO21702.5
50Friml AntoninCZE21242.5
51Piroska IstvanHUN21272.5
52Bereczki JanosHUN21802
53Stifter EwaldAUT20132
54Razsits GezaHUN19952
55Jentsch DieterGER21732
56Vrchotka JosefCZE20012
57FMHrbolka LadislavCZE21331.5
58WFMMedvegyne Balogh EmeseHUN20521.5
59Bella ZsoltHUN14021
60IMMajeric ZoranCRO22790
FMKragelj IgorSLO21810

21st Sigeman & Co-GM Rapport(HUN) Wins

Official Site

GM Rapport(left) playing GM Berg(right)
'Richard Rapport won the 21st Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday. The 17-year-old Hungarian grandmaster tied for first place with Nils Grandelius and Nigel Short, but won on tiebreak: direct encounter (the results of the players in the same point group).

In the last round Rapport defeated Jonny Hector, Grandelius beat Ivan Sokolov and Short drew with Hans Tikkanen.(more)'

Final Standings

1Short,N26812698 x01½1½1½4.5
5Van Wely,L268926450½½½1½14

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sigeman & Co Malmo 2013 Rd2-GM Rapport(HUN)

More on the Sigeman 2012 Tournament
Some background(Swedish language)


More on Sweden

TWIC 968
GM Rapport kept the queens on for the maximum tension playing the white side of a g3 Nimzo-Indian. He was finally rewarded for persistence in the sharp QR-QR phase when GM Short loosened his king's position and allowed a devastating attack.

Rapport,R (2674) - Short,N (2681) 
Nimzo-Indian g3[E21]
21st Sigeman & Co Malmo SWE (2.2), 23.05.2013

Position 1
White has a strong attack going. What do you recommend for white now?

White to Play

Chess Kids 20 Years Later(Video)

Some familiar faces.

'A follow-up to the acclaimed Chess Kids (1996), this Special Edition release delivers the original award-winning documentary remastered for DVD, and includes all new engaging interviews with the original players, nearly 20 years later! Featuring internationally renowned chess masters Judit Polgar, Josh Waitzkin, Morgan Pehme, Victoria Fossum, Joseph Conlon, and more!

Sigeman & Co Malmo 2013 Rd6-GM Rapport,R(HUN)

More on Sweden
The Siegman tournament is being held in Malmo. Here's some background on the Swedish city.

TWIC 968
GM Rapport played a thematic game against the French and won a sharp ending. Of note was the nice Ra2-d2!? way of bringing the rook into play in the opening.

Rapport,R (2674) - Berg,E (2561) 
French Advance 6.a3 Nh6 7.b4 C02]
21st Sigeman & Co Malmo SWE (6.1), 27.05.2013

Position 1
White is winning but what is the most precise way to end the game?

White to Play

TWIC 968(HUN) INDEX-2013-May 28

TWIC is the work of Mark Crowther

21st Sigeman & Co  2013-Results
GM Rapport has 3.5/6.

More on Rapport

Johan Sigeman

'Johan Sigeman, a respectable 2100+ player, founded the lawfirm Sigeman and Co. in 1991, and a year later began the traditional grandmaster event now in its 21st edition.(more)'-Chessbase

1GMShort Nigel D2681ENG*½0111½4
2GMSokolov Ivan2642NED½*½½11½4
3GMRapport Richard2674HUN1½*½½013.5
4GMVan Wely Loek2689NED0½½*½113.5
5GMGrandelius Nils2556SWE0½½*½113.5
6GMTikkanen Hans2537SWE010½*½13
7GMBerg Emanuel2561SWE0000½*11.5
8GMHector Jonny2512SWE½½0000*1

TCh-POL 2013
Hera.I 2.5/3

2nd Salento Open  2013
(In Progress)
Horvath Cs 2.5/3
Rudolf A

Monday, May 27, 2013

Rakosmente Open Gallery 2013-04: Part II

More action-Round 2
The tournament is hosted by my club-Rakosligeti(RAC). There are two main playing rooms and a library room which can hold 4 more boards. There is steady stream on young players getting their initial steps in tournament play in small Budapest opens playing in the G/90 format.

The President of the Hungarian Chess Federation-Revesz,Mariusz

Revesz,Mariusz(left) about to play Yip,Michael-CAN(right)


Almost a great pic until someone walked by

Rakosmente Open Gallery 2013-04: Part I

Here is some of the action.

A small crowd around arbiter and organizer-Nadasi,Balasz 
anxious for the pairings

Arbiter Nadasi making some announcements

Ready, set,...think!

Rakosmente Open Gallery 2013-02

Here is some of the action.