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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Saturday FMA 2013-05-Haitbaev H(TKM)

More on Turkmenistan

TWIC 967
Haitbaev,Hayrulla(TKM) and Farkas,Richard(HUN) shared first with 7/9 in First Saturday FM-A.

1Farkas Richard2171HUN*11½½½01½117
2Haitbaev Hayrulla2082TKM0*0101111117
3FMJuhasz Bela2173HUN01*½½½½½1½16
4Amangeldiyev Gurbangeldi1989TKM½0½*01101116
5Darazs Zoltan2165HUN½1½1*½½½½0½5.5
6Juracsik Jozsef2170HUN½0½0½*111½½5.5
7Bohus Adam1869HUN10½0½0*½½115
8FMMayer Istvan2037HUN00½1½0½*½½14.5
9Posa Norbert2100HUN½000½0½½*114
10FMKrstulovic Alex1945HUN00½01½0½0*½3
11Steer Jozsef2025HUN0000½½000½*1.5

Here is one of Haitbaev's wins.

Juracsik,J (2170) - Haitbaev,Hayrulla (2082) 
Sicilian Najdorf 6.h3 g6 [B90] 
FSFMA May 2013 Budapest HUN (6.3), 09.05.2013

Position 1
Black has the bishop pair and an usual pawn structure. What do you recommend for black?

White to Play

Tournament Info
First Saturday Prices / FS Contact 
(Note-for FM groups Hungarian player fee is 12,000 HUF(41.4EUR), foreigners see website list; everything negotiable; No prizes)
Hungarian Chess Federation Tournament Listing(Hungarian Language)
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