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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Capablanca Memorial 2013 Rd8-GM Almasi, Z(HUN)

TWIC 964
The Berlin Wall Declined(4.d3)
GM Almasi won a complex defensive battle against GM Harikrishna,P in rd8.

Almasi offered to defend the Berlin Wall but white declined with 4.d3 preferring a complex middlegame. Almasi chose the fresh defensive plan of ..Re8 to support e5 while delaying moving the d-pawn and quickly reached an original position after 7...Bb6(diagram)


More on Harikrishna,P

Here is the feature game.

Harikrishna,P (2705) - Almasi,Z (2689)
Spanish 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.d3 Bc5 5.c3 0–0 6.0–0 Re8 [C65]
48th Capablanca Mem Elite Havana CUB (8.2), 29.04.2013

Position 1
White has sacrificed a rook for a quick knockout on the kingside. A precise defense is required. What do you recommend for black?

Black to Play


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