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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chessity Chess Training(Holland)

Here is a cool site for training.

The Steps Method Chessity
'International Master Cor van Wijgerden helped Chessity develop an exciting new training concept. He is a well-known chess trainer and developer of the Steps method.

The Steps method has existed since 1987. Many schools and chess clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the method for their chess lessons. The method consists of six steps taking you to a higher chess level.

Cor van Wijgerden is a renowned Dutch chess trainer who is famous for having developed the step-by-step method for learning chess. In December 2012 his achievements over the past 25 years were rewarded during the opening of the 50th Chess Festival in Groningen, The Netherlands. Genna Sosonko passed on the Euwe ring, the highest award in the Dutch chess World, to Cor van Wijgerden!

Passing the Euwe Ring

Cor van Wijgerden wins major Dutch Chess award (the Euwe ring)

The Gasunie gave the ring to Max Euwe in 1976 in honour of his enormous services to chess in general and in particular with respect to young people. Since that time the ring has adorned the hands of Hans Bouwmeester, Jan Timman, Hans Böhm, Hans Ree and Genna Sosonko.

For many years Van Wijgerden, an international chess master, was the national coach for young Dutch chess players, the country’s sub-top and women chess players. After this he spent many years as head teacher of the Max Euwe Academy. His most famous pupils are the Grandmasters John van der Wiel, Jeroen Piket, Loek van Wely, Jan Smeets, Daniel Stellwagen and Erwin L'Ami. In addition to this, Van Wijgerden – together with Rob Brunia – laid down the foundations of the Step-by-step method. 

This method for learning chess has been trendsetter in the Netherlands for many years now: it has been used to teach hundreds of thousands of people how to play chess. The method is now being used in several other countries too. His training method is just about to make an international breakthrough via Chessity.(more)'

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