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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GM Kallai,G on Chessbase

Gabor Kallai: Portrait of a Dedicated Chess Worker
A faboulous report by Diana Mihajlova Chessbase-Kallai 2013-01

GM Kallai
Photo-Chessbase article

'A festive meal with a friend in Budapest, GM Gabor Kallai, turned into a heartfelt story about chess, arts and talent. 30 years involved first-hand in the workings of chess in Hungary in many-faceted duties – as a chess competitor, trainer, coach, captain, arbiter, organiser, writer, media reporter, Radio and TV commentator, PR and technical director within the Chess Federation…summed in one word - a ‘chess specialist’, Gabor has a lot to say. His talk is an honest, personal observation filled with both enthusiasm and criticism..

He appears like a sole crusader trying to warn, in no mild terms, that no excuses are acceptable where the recognition and pride of the nation is at stake, but a right, rigorous professional environment must be created for the national team, where considerations of human nature, like children, luck of time etc., are not acceptable. ‘You can either make it by dedicating yourself fully as a player or not.’  

He points also to another worrying trend: worthy players of the Hungarian chess elite,  both men and women and former Olympic players, are abandoning their chess profession, because they are disillusioned and see no creative environment or any sort of stimulation. 

Among the latest ‘drop outs’, the most painful is that of GM Zoltan Gyimesi (2674), a 35 year old Olympic player, 75th in the world. Another example is IM/WGMs Szidonia Wajda and Ildiko Madl, both former women champions and Olympic players who choose not to be part of the selected team. 

This apathy becomes obvious at the sight of the dented start-list of the Hungarian championships. What is even more worrying is the Hungarian Federation’s indifference at seeing them go without any reaction...(more)'

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