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Friday, January 25, 2013

TCh-AUT 2012-13 GM Ribli(HUN)

Here is an instructive game from veteran GM Ribli who grinds out a long R-R ending that is a theoretical draw but still is worth playing out.

GM Ribli,Zoltan(HUN)

Ribli,Z (2554) - Sebenik,M (2543)
Semi-Tarrasch [D41]
TCh-AUT 2012–13 Graz AUT (5.2), 18.01.2013

Positon 1
Black is a pawn down but kept the rook active. The kingside pawns have been arranged optimally after 35..h5 so if white tries to advance with h3/g4 black will trade off a pair of pawns with ...hg and the draw will be one step closer.

How should white start the winning attempt off?

White to Play


Position 2
The defense is going as planned for black. The queenside pawns have been liquidated and now a set of kingside pawns will be liquidated. White advanced on the kingside and after 42.g4 hg, white must decide how to recapture. 

What do you suggest?

White to Play


Position 3
Black has been defending stubbornly for 87 moves now. What should black do now?

  • 88...Ke5 activating the king and attacking the e4 pawn
  • 88...Rg1+ forcing the king to retreat or go to the h-file and be marooned
  • Something else

Black to Play


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