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Thursday, June 6, 2013

BCN 2013-06 Ready for Download

Chessbase Files 2013-06 
Now ready for download at DSE(Thank you)

My favorite picture

There are 135 games from the May blog posts. Some of the events covered include

  • FSGM-Berczes David and Atabayev(TKM) shared first with 9/12.
  • EICC Legnica 2013-GMs Almasi, Berkes Balogh etc
  • Contintal Ch Bolivia 2013-IM Hambleton finished with 6.5/11. GM Granda Zuniga was clear first with 9.5/11.
  • Calgary International 2013: 2013-06-GM Wesley So won with 8/9. GM Hansen scored 6/9 and was in a 3-way tie for 2nd.
  • Philadelphia 2013: 
  • Chicago Open 2013-GM Robson took first on tiebreaks with 7/9.
  • e2e4 Sunningdale Open 2013-IM Hambleton took clear first with 6.5/7.
  • Keres Memorial 2013-IM Orlov took clear first with 5.5/6.

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