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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Saturday 2013-06 Final Standings

More About Hungary

GMs Gonda and Akesson tied for firs with 7/10.

Rk. NameRtgFED123456Pts.
1GMGonda Laszlo2524HUN***½ ½½ ½1 ½½ 11 17
2GMAkesson Ralf2449SWE½ ½***½ ½1 ½½ 11 17
3FMHujbert Florian2456HUN½ ½½ ½***½ 0½ ½1 15.5
4GMAndreev Eduard2498UKR0 ½0 ½½ 1***½ ½1 ½5
5IMFranco Alonso 2487ESP½ 0½ 0½ ½½ ½***½ ½4
6IMSzalanczy Emil2285HUN0 00 00 00 ½½ ½***1.5

FM Juhasz was clear first with 8.5/11.

Rk. NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts.
1FMJuhasz B2222HUN*½1½½+1½11½18.5
2 Darazs Z2142HUN½*½½½½111½1+8
3 Farkas R2198HUN0½*½½½11111+8
4 Reh Philipp2068GER½½½*½½½0½+½16
5 Juracsik J2155HUN½½½½*0½½0+116
6 Jelic Neven2091CRO-½½½1*01½0½15.5
7 Mester Attila2075HUN000½½1*10½115.5
8 Rabovszky G1913HUN½001½00*½1½+5
9 Hocevar N2005SLO000½1½1½*0½15
10 Burgin Ryan0ENG0½0--1½01*1½4.5
11 Montolio B C1972ESP½00½0½0½½0*½3
12 Szakacs Aron1875HUN0--0000-0½½*1

Takacs and Mayer tied for first with 8.5/11.

Rk. NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts.
1 Takacs Zsolt1830HUN*10½1½1½1+1+8.5
2FMMayer Istvan2060HUN0*½½1111½1118.5
3 Lukacs Albert1917HUN1½*½½0+11½1+8
4 Steer Jozsef1938HUN½½½*½½½111118
5 Marcu Simon1879SVK00½½*11111118
6 Mihaly Zoltan1798HUN½01½0*011+1+7
7 Vasilev Sergey1521RUS00-½01*0½½1+4.5
8 Schmidt Wolfgang1450GER½000001*011+4.5
9 Csiba Tibor Dr.1587HUN0½0000½1*½0+3.5
10 Brassoi-Tarnovszki 1642HUN-0½00-½0½*102.5
11 Szabo Miklos 1322HUN0000000010*+2
12 Nemeth Otto1724HUN-0-00----1-*1

Budapest Tournament Information
There are bargain tournaments available, all with prizes and modest entry fees. Check the Hungarian Federation event listing for events. June has some nice events with very reasonable entry fees.

Rakosmente Open June 14-16
This event is held at my club Rakosligeti(RAC).

Révész, Máriusz
The friendly president of the Hungarian Chess Federation

Some action from the 2013-04 Rakosmente Open

With prizes.
For Fide under 2200.

Entry fee
FIDE 2000+: 3,000HUF(10.3EUR)

Frech Károly Emlékverseny June 22-30 [see Ujpestikse]
This RR at the normal 1 game/day pace is one of my favorite events(a bargain at 15EUR!). There is also a small open running at the same time.

With prizes.
-RR(120 mins +30 sec/move)
-Open tournament (120-120)

Entry fee
FIDE 2000-2199: 4,400HUF(15.2EUR)

Budapest Open-August 17-25 2013
This is a wonderful event on the calender that I played in last year. This should be a great event again.

Mihaly, Zoltan(right)

For More Tournament Information
The secret to Hungarian chess is knowing where to find the tournament information-it's not so obvious. Then know the market prices to find the bargains.
Budapest Entry Fees 2012-Useful for entry fee comparisons (Scroll down to bottom of blog too)
First Saturday Prices / FS Contact
(Note-for FM groups Hungarian player fee is 12,000 HUF, foreigners see website list; everything negotiable; No prizes)

Note: There is a Budapest Tournament discount card that gives you 10% off participating tournaments. It's not really a card, they add you to a list that organizers access at registration time.

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