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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bahamas Int 2012-10 GM Shabalov Clear 1st 6.5/9

'The Bahamas International & Amateur was held from October 24-28, 2012 at the Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino, West Bay Street, Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas. GM Alex Shabalov won the International Section, finishing with an undefeated 6.5/9 and taking home the $2000 first prize. Just a half-point behind Shabalov was GM Alexander Goldin who collected $1200 for his efforts over the five days. Yaacov Norowitz and Erik Santarius both scored IM norms. Norowitz had secured his norm before his round 9 game began while Santarius his with a last round draw against Goldin....(and results below)'-Bahamas International

'Of the Canadians, IM Leonid Gerzhoy had the best tournament with 5.5/9, undefeated. Despite the large number of draws most of them were fighting draws. A direct hit from Hurricane Sandy provided some distraction for the participants, too. ;-) BTW, I found the GMs at the tournament (Shabalov, Goldin, Friedel, Margvelashvili and of course Bator S) very approachable. Any/all would be good additions if you were looking to add a GM to your tournament roster, imo.-IM O'Donnell on Chesstalk Message Board(CANADA)

Bahamas International 2012 Standings – International Section Final Standings
# Name                                 Ratng St                     Total     Prize
1 GM Alexander Shabalov 2570 USA                    6.5      $2000.00
2 GM Alexander Goldin 2549 USA                        6.0      $1200.00
3 IM Leonid Gerzhoy 2469 CAN                           5.5      $700.00
4 Yaacov Norowitz 2420 USA                               5.5     $700.00
5 GM Giorgi Margvelashvili 2582 GEO                  5.0     *$700.00
6 GM Joshua E Friedel 2495 USA                         5.0     *$700.00
7 IM Justin Sarkar 2408 USA                                5.0      $300.00
8 Erik F Santarius 2278 USA                                 5.0      $600.00
9 FM Alex Betaneli 2223 USA                               5.0      $600.00
10 GM Bator Sambuev 2524 CAN                        4.5     *$700.00
11 IM Tom O’ Donnell 2350 CAN                        4.5
12 FM Alberto Pinheiro Mascarenhas 2261 BRA   4.0
13 Giovanni Carreto 2247 MEX                             4.0
14 Richard Selzler 2200 USA                                 3.5
15 FM Michael Dougherty 2149 CAN                   3.5
16 Nicholas A Tomlin unr. USA                              3.0
17 Matt D Helfst 1965 USA                                   2.0
18 Gary L Cote unr. USA                                       1.5

* Minimum prize $700 to GMs who complete all games with no byes (limited to first 6 GMs to enter).

Here is a GM vs GM battle from Rd8

Sambuev,Bator (2524) - Shabalov,Alexander (2570) [D58]
Bahamas International Nassau (8), 28.10.2012

GM Sambuev-Photo Andre White Bahamas Gallery

In the diagram positon after 17..Rfd8, white went for it with 18.Bd6? but this idea had a tactical flaw. White was hoping (after ..Rxd6 etc) to exploit the pin on the d-file with e4! but this did not work out.

White to play

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