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Monday, November 5, 2012

GM Goldin,A(USA 2549) 2nd at Bahamas Int with 6/9

Bahamas International 2012 Standings – International Section Final Standings

# Name                                  Ratng St     Total     Prize
1 GM Alexander Shabalov     2570             6.5      $2000.00
2 GM Alexander Goldin         2549 USA     6.0     $1200.00
3 IM Leonid Gerzhoy             2469 CAN     5.5     $700.00
4 Yaacov Norowitz                2420 USA     5.5     $700.00

GM Goldin-Photo Chessbase Article

'Alexander Goldin (born February 27, 1964) is a chess grandmaster from the USSR, who is now resident in the United States. He was a joint winner of the Soviet Championship semifinal at Sevastopol in 1986 (a qualifier for the 1987 First League Final). Other tournament successes include winning the Philadelphia World Open in 1998 and 2001. In team chess, he played board three for the US team at the 2004 Chess Olympiad in Calvià and registered a 65% score.'-Wikipedia-Alexander Goldin

Here is a nice attacking game from GM Goldin,A from the modest London System.

Goldin,Alexander (2549) - Sarkar,Justin (2408) [A48]
Bahamas International Nassau (2), 25.10.2012
The attack is well underway but how to break down the black king's position?

White to play

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