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Sunday, November 4, 2012

IM Panjwani(CAN 2402) at 4NCL

Here are a couple of games of IM Panjwani(CAN 2402) from recent 4NCL team play.

'Raja Panjwani is a International Master from Canada. He was the 2009 Canadian Junior Champion, and has represented his country at many world youth events. His best result was placing 5th in the world youth for U16 in 2006.'-MetroChess

IM Panjwani

Panjwani,Raja (2402) - Kosten,Anthony C (2479) [A36]
4NCL Division 1a De Vere, Sunningdale ENG (1.122), 03.11.2012
White is pushing hard in the ending. How should white play?

White to play

Rowson,Jonathan W (2586) - Panjwani,Raja (2402) [B51]
4NCL Division 1a De Vere, Sunningdale ENG (2.112), 04.11.2012
The ending is even and white could not make further progress.

White to play

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