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Saturday, December 1, 2012

WYCC 2012 Under 12G Tapp(CAN) Rd6

Here is a win by Ashley Tapp.

Ashley Tapp

It's very tempting to brush aside wins but every game needs to be nitpicked over to meticulously weed out weaknesses that can be exploited by future opponents. Promising junior Ashley Tapp won this game but her future opponents(or coaches) will no doubt be on their computers finding ways to crank up their level. The same work must be done by Ashley to prepare for her next trip to the WYCC.

Blond Hanten,Elsa (1477) - Tapp,Ashley
French Advance 6.Bd3[C02]
Wch U12 girls Maribor (6.47), 12.11.2012[Yip]

Critical Position
White has offered the d pawn as a gambit which black declined in the game. Now the question is, in hindsight, if the same position arose again what should black do?

Black to Play

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