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Friday, November 2, 2012

Budapest Chess News 2012-11

This issue(PDF+CBV file) was just emailed.

(As of Nov 4)
Now available for download Sarkanydse-Budapest-Chess-News
[Thanks NB!]

Included in the November issue are 79 games. There is a big emphasis on the Budapest Team Championship while the theoretical focus has shifted to the Sicilian Kan, away from the Grunfeld. The games selection includes a new feature on veteran GM Portisch,L, many time Hungarian Champion and Olympiad team member.

Hungarian Tournament Price Summary 2012
Budapest has some modestly priced chess events. Tournaments are of three general categories.

                                                               Normal Entry Fee Range(excluding First Saturday*) EUR
                                                               Low               High
A: One game/day RR                              14                   20
B: One game/day Open                           20                   25
C: Multiple games/day 3-day                   10                   20

*First Saturday(FS) remains the overall price leader by a wide margin and offers no prizes. Entry fees(negotiable) are set at two-tiers. Foreign players pay much higher fees.

Hungarian Team Ch Rd1
This year I am again playing for Rakosligeti(RAC). For this season we have been promoted to Division 1. Our team also has a second team playing in Division 3. Included also is a selection of games from the other teams.

Division I. Lilienthal Csoport
HASE – RAC I 7:5

Division III. Szén Csoport
MLTC IV – RAC II 2,5:9,5

Division IV(unrated) Rd1
Hort SE 4.5–RAC 1.5

Hungarian Team Ch Rd2
RAC was more successful this round and won all its matches.

Division 1 Lilienthal Csoport
Újpesti KSE – RAC I 2,5:9,5

Division III Szén csoport
Sirály II – RAC II 2,5:9,5

Division 4
WSK 2.5-RAC 3.5

Budapest Tournaments
 Josef Varosi Open 2012-10
Mester,A got a great result and won with a perfect 6-0 score. I took =2nd with Mezei, Dombai and Nogrady.

Hungarian Tournaments
  • First Saturday FMA2 October 2012-Koczo,K won with 8/9.
  • Caissa GM 2012-09-Fodor,T jr won with 7.5/10 and obtained a GM norm.
  • Zalakaros Open A 2012-06-This is the Hungarian Open Championship. GM Horvath,J won clear first with 7/9.
  • Balaton IM-Young Csonka,B had a big success and won with an undefeated 6.5/9.
International News
  • Olympiad Istanbul Women’s Team-12th seeded Hungary finished 17th. Top board Hoang scored 6/10. 
  • Indonesia Open-Yu Yangyi and Li Chao shared first with 7.5/9. Hoang Thanh Trang(HUN) got 5.5/9 
  • Chess House IM 2012-07 Eggleston,D won clear first with 7/9. Papp,P got 4/9.  
  • Arco Open(ITA) Burmakin took clear first with 7.5/9. Horvath, C was in a large group with 6.5/9. Horvath lost a close game to the eventual winner Burmakin. 
  • 7th Americas Continental Mar del Plata 2012-There was a 5-way tie for first at 8.5/11. Granda Zuniga,J(2647),Shabalov,A(2570),Hansen,Eric(CAN-2527) and Kaidanov,G(2587) qualify for the Word Cup. Flores was eliminated in the playoff.  
  • TCh-AUT 2012-13-Horvath,A and others played 
  • Bundesliga 2012-13-Ribli and others played 

GM Portisch,L
Included is a selection of instructive vintages games in the King’s Indian and Sicilian Defenses featuring the veteran GM.

Theory-Sicilian Kan
This is a selection of key games played in 2012.

Blog Games
These are games that do no fall under any particular category.

Here is an interesting game played in the BTCh that was in the issue. Koxak,A is a promising junior and Zoldy,R is a local tournament organiser.

Kozak,Adam (2036) - Zoldy,Robert (1957) [D34]
BUD tch Lilienthal 12/13 Budapest (1), 30.09.2012
Black tries a daring queen for 3 minor piece sacrifice and is rewarded.[Yip]
1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 c5 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.g3 Nf6 7.Bg2 Be7 8.0–0 0–0 9.dxc5 Bxc5 10.Bg5 d4 11.Bxf6 Qxf6 12.Nd5 Qd6 13.Nd2 Ne7 14.Ne4

Black to play

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