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Friday, November 2, 2012

Schneider,V(2313) in the 1. Frauenbundesliga 2012–13

Here is a recent win over a tough opponent in the ladies Bundesliga.

Gaponenko,I (2403) - Schneider,Ve (2313) [B42]
Frau Bundesliga Div1 2012–13 Germany GER (1.1), 06.10.2012
This game can be studied under the following themes
  • Pawn structure
  • Fighting against pawns
  • Endings-extra pawn conversion

Veronika Schneider during Polonia Wroclaw's 5th International Chess Tournament (2010)-From Wikipedia

Critcial Position 1
Black has a compromised pawn structure on the queenside while white's structure remains clean. What should black's plan be? How do you play?

Black to play

Critcial Position 2
Deep into the endgame black has an extra pawn. White however is resisting and has a passed c-pawn and a supported Nd6 deep in black's territory. Converting the extra is not so straightforward. How should black play?

Black to play

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