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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Canada's WYCC 2012 Team and Ms Ashley Tapp

The Canadian team( Canada WYCC 2012 ) is on the way.

Name    Province     Rating     Category
1. IM Wang Richard AB 2356 U14-Open
2. Sohal Tanraj BC 2108 U16-Open
3. Semianiuk Konstantin ON 2102 1996 U16-Open
4. Preotu Razvan ON 2086 U14-Open
5. Itkin David ON 2058 U16-Open
6. FM Cao Jason BC 2038 U12-Open (2010 Champion) 
7. Florea Alexandru ON 2013 U16-Open
8. Kalaydina Regina Veronicka AB 1934 U16-Girls
9. Plotkin Mark ON 1928 U14-Open
10. Doknjas John BC 1900 U14-Open
11 Zhou Qiyu ON 1857 U12-Girls
12 Xiao Alice Huanyi BC 1843 U16-Girls
13 Shi Diwen CAN 1777 U14-Open
14 Giblon Rebecca ON 1701 U16-Girls
15 Giblon Melissa ON 1586 U14-Girls
16 Lee Melissa ON 1565 U18-Girls
17 Blium Benjamin ON UNR U18-Open
18 Cheung Lukas ON UNR U12-Open
19 Doknjas Joshua BC UNR U10-Open
21 Doknjas Neil BC UNR U08-Open
21 WCM Nguyen Duy Thien An NB UNR U10-Girls
22 Pobereshnikova Agniya ON UNR U14-Girls
23 Tan Kylie - ON UNR U08-Girls
24 Tapp Ashley BC UNR U12-Girls
25 Thanabalachandran Kajan ON UNR U14-Open
26 Washimkar Arhant ON UNR U08-Open
27 Zhou Lily ON UNR U10-Girls
28 Zhu Harmony BC UNR U08-Girls

'Among other notable participants, Richard Wang (U14), from Edmonton, earned his IM title at this year’s Canadian Closed (at age 13) and must be one of our best medal hopes this year. Jason Cao (U12), from Victoria, is of course famous as the U10 World Champion of 2010. And Ashley Tapp (U12 Girls), also from BC, has already become a bit of a chess celebrity through her recent fundraising campaign. '-Annex Chess Team

Ashly Tapp has generated more publicity by hereself than the whole of Canada for the team.

Opinions on the WYCC vary widely in Canada.
'We are well known chess tourists...sending far too many kids to wycc as usual...
btw- i never played a WYCC till I was 16. I played in strong adult tournaments instead until I got to the point where I could actually be competitive on the world stage'-GM Hansen,E from Chesstalk Message Board(CAN)    

Here is a game with Tapp from the CYCC qualifier.

Tapp,Ashley (1324) - Zhou,Qiyu (1953) [E12]
CYCC U12 w Vancouver CAN (3), 04.07.2012
Black is ready to pounce, but how exactly?

Black to play

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