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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

IM Piasetski,L(CAN) 6/9 at Sautron Open(FRA) 2012-11

'GM Mikhailo Oleksienko winner of the Sautron International Open Nov 6, 2012. The 12th Sautron International Chess Open was held from 27th October to 3rd November at the Phelippes Beaulieux Center in Sautron, France. 165 players competed in the 9-round Swiss event that was rated with FIDE and FFE. The prize fund was 7,000 EUR. GM Mikhailo Oleksienko from Ukraine took a clear first place with 7,5 points, leaving Grandmasters Alexander Zubarev and Aleksandr Karpatchev half a point behind. Maxime Lagarde shared the 4th place and earned his second GM norm.'- Chessdom-Sautron Iinternational Open 2012
Final standings:
1. GM OLEKSIENKO Mikhailo 2539 UKR – 7,5
2-3. GM ZUBAREV Alexander 2583 UKR and GM KARPATCHEV Aleksandr 2458 RUS – 7,0
IM PIASETSKI Leon 2298 CAN part of a large group with 6,0
Bio Canadian Chess Biographies
  • International Master 1975
  • Canadian Junior Champion 1970
  • Represented Canada at Olympiads (1974, 1976, 1978, 1988, 1992)
  • Represented Canada at World Championship Interzonal 1990
  • One of only 4 players to compete in Canadian Championships in each of 4 consecutive decades of 1960s-90s

Here is a game of Piasetski's.
Rusev,K (2549) - Piasetski,L (2298) [A80]
12th Sautron Open FRA (4.6), 29.10.2012
Critical Position
The position is balanced but but what is black's plan?
Black to Play

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