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Saturday, December 8, 2012

CCSCSL GM Saint Louis 2012

CCSCSL GM Saint Louis 2012 Saint Louis CC About Us
Zierk,S; Sarkar,J and Neimer,V shared first with 5.5/9. Boros,De got 4/9.

GM Denes Boros, a student at Webster U at the Thanksgiving Open 2012

Saint Louis is becoming the chess center of the US as the St Louis CC works with many partners to drive chess growth and interest. Saint Louis CC Partnerships

Community Partnerships
The club is well integrated with the community via numerous partnerships.
  1. Lindenwood University Chess Program
  2. Saint Louis Science Center
  3. The Contemporary Art Museum
  4. The City Museum
  5. Siteman Cancer Center
  6. Partnership for Downtown St. Louis
  7. Belas Artes
  8. Saint Louis Aces
  9. Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
  10. The Chase Park Plaza
  11. Old Post Office Plaza
  12. Saint Louis for Kids
  13. Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club
  14. Missouri History Museum
  15. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri
Innovative Concept Academy
'The Innovative Concept Academy is a new idea in public education. The school, located in the old Blewett School building at 1927 Cass Avenue in Saint Louis, is the product of the collaborative efforts of the Saint Louis Public School District, the Missouri Family Court, and MERS-Goodwill and is the brainchild of Judge Jimmie Edwards...The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis has partnered with the Innovative Concept Academy to provide specific programs that fit this approach.(more)'


Here is a win from Boros.

Boros,De (2494) - Zierk,S (2475)
Caro-Kann[B10] then Semi-Tarrasch IQP
CCSCSL GM Inv Saint Louis USA (5.3), 28.11.2012

Critical Position 1
There is an attack in the air on the kingisde where black has just played 17...hg. What do you recommend for white?
-White needs more pieces 18.Ba3 chases off the defending rook
-Bc1 should be on the long diagonal to oppose Bf6 so 18.Bb2 followed by Rad1 and prepare c4-d5. This will also restrain Bb7
-Re1 can do more so 18.Re3-h3 to use the h-file is called for
-Ng5 has lost its usefulness. 18.Ne4 recentralizing and allowing Bh6! to exploit the kingside light squares is better
-Slow builiding with 18.Bd2 and then  Re3 and Rae1 is the way to go. Then white will be ready with sacrificing on e6 or g6 to kill black's king position
-Something else
White to Play


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